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The Basic Information Of Marine Butterfly Valve

The Marine butterfly valve, manufactured by our factory, incorporates advanced technology from the USA and boasts a production history of over thirty years. Our production has been recognized with multiple national awards for its exceptional quality. The valve offers various driving modes, including handle, wormgear transmission, pneumatic, and power-driven options. With a path range of DN25-DN1200, it is well-suited for system pipes in industries such as petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, papermaking, hydropower, shipping, water supply, drainage, metallurgy, and energy resources. Our factory’s butterfly valve is designed to handle corrosive gases, liquids, semi-liquids, and solids effectively.

Butterfly Valve Type

 In marine applications, there are various types of butterfly valves, including:

Wafer Butterfly Valve

A wafer butterfly valve is a type of butterfly valve that is designed to fit between two flanges in a pipeline. It has a thin, wafer-like profile, allowing it to be installed in tight spaces. The valve is held in place between the flanges using bolts or studs, and it does not have its own flanges. Wafer butterfly valves are commonly used due to their compact design, easy installation, and cost-effectiveness.

Lug Butterfly Valve

Lug butterfly valve has threaded inserts or lugs on its outer casing. These lugs can be bolted to the flanges on either side of the pipeline, providing a secure connection. Lug butterfly valves are often used when the pipeline requires frequent maintenance or when it is necessary to isolate the valve from the system for servicing without disrupting the flow.

Double Flanged Butterfly Valve

A double flanged butterfly valve has flanges on both ends of the valve body. These flanges allow for a secure connection to the pipeline using bolts and gaskets. Double flanged butterfly valves are commonly used when there is a need for easy installation and removal of the valve, as well as when the valve needs to withstand high-pressure applications.

Grooved Butterfly Valve

Grooved butterfly valve is a type of valve featuring grooves on the valve body and pipe ends. It offers easy installation using mechanical couplings, eliminating the need for welding or flanges. The grooves ensure proper alignment, and the coupling housing and gasket create a secure, leak-tight connection. These valves are versatile, available in various sizes and materials. They are maintenance-friendly, allowing for quick disassembly and reassembly without specialized tools. Grooved butterfly valves provide flexibility for pipeline modifications and are cost-effective due to simplified installation and reduced labor requirements. They are commonly used in marine applications such as firefighting, water supply, and HVAC systems on ships and offshore platforms.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple offset butterfly valves are high-performance valves commonly used in demanding marine applications. Their design features a disc offset from the centerline and additional offset angles, ensuring a tight seal in high-pressure, high-temperature conditions. These valves excel in providing exceptional sealing capabilities and resistance to wear, making them suitable for harsh marine environments. With metal seating surfaces, they can handle abrasive media and corrosive fluids. Triple offset butterfly valves have a fire-safe design, meeting safety requirements during fire events. They offer reduced torque and wear, extending their service life. Available in various materials, they find applications in seawater systems, cooling water systems, fuel transfer, and more. With excellent flow capacity and precise flow control, triple offset butterfly valves are reliable choices for critical marine systems.

The Features Of Marine Butterfly Valve

The marine butterfly valve is comprised of the valve body, rotating shaft, valve plate, valve seat, and driving mechanism (handle, worm gear, pneumatic device, or electric device). It operates by utilizing the driving mechanism to rotate the shaft and the butterfly plate, enabling the valve to open, close, and control the flow. Here are its key features:

  • Simple and compact structure: The butterfly valve has a straightforward and space-saving design, making it easy to transport, install, and disassemble.

  • Quick operation: With a 90-degree open and close motion, the butterfly valve allows for swift switching between fully open and fully closed positions.

  • Low operating torque: The valve requires minimal torque to operate, making it labor-saving and lightweight.

  • Excellent sealing performance: The butterfly valve offers reliable sealing, ensuring a long service life and achieving zero leakage.

  • Versatile material selection: By choosing different materials for its components, the valve can be used with various types of media.

  • Linear flow characteristic: The flow characteristic of the butterfly valve approximates a straight line, providing good adjustment performance for flow control.

Marine Butterfly Valve Parameter

Nominal PressureNominal DiameterTest PressureApplicable MediumDrive Way
PN (Mpa)DN(mm)ShellSealFresh water, sewage, seawater. air, steam, foodstuff, medicine, various oils, acids and alkalis, etcHandle, worm and gear transmission, power-driven and being pneumatic

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