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Marine Lifeboat

A marine lifeboat is a specialized vessel designed for rescuing people in distress at sea. Constructed with durability and seaworthiness in mind, lifeboats are typically made of materials like steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. They have a specified capacity and are equipped with seating, restraints, and safety equipment. Lifeboats can be propelled by oars, sails, or motors, and they feature navigation aids and communication devices for effective rescue operations. They also carry rescue and safety equipment such as life jackets, lifebuoys, first aid kits, and distress signaling devices. Lifeboats are launched using specialized mechanisms or davits from their stowage location. Crew members receive training in rescue techniques, navigation, and survival skills. Marine lifeboats are vital for ensuring the safety and rescue of individuals in maritime emergencies.

Type Of Marine Lifeboat

There are several types of marine lifeboats used for different purposes and in various maritime applications. Here are some common types:

Totally Enclosed Lifeboat (TELB)

This type of lifeboat is fully enclosed and provides protection from the elements. It is designed to keep occupants dry and safe in rough seas. TELBs are commonly used on large commercial vessels and offshore platforms.

Open Lifeboat

Open lifeboats are partially enclosed or have no roof. They provide basic protection but are more exposed to the elements compared to TELBs. Open lifeboats are often found on smaller vessels or as secondary lifeboat options on larger ships.

Free-Fall Lifeboat

Free-fall lifeboats are specialized lifeboats designed for rapid deployment from larger vessels. They are suspended on vertical rails or tracks and are released to free-fall into the water. Free-fall lifeboats are commonly used on offshore drilling rigs and oil platforms.

Fast Rescue Craft (FRC)

Fast rescue craft are small, high-speed boats used for quick response and rescue operations. They are highly maneuverable and capable of operating in challenging conditions. FRCs are utilized by rescue services, coast guards, and offshore installations.

Suitable Ships for Different Lifeboat Capacities

Here are some general guidelines for the suitable ship types based on different lifeboat capacities:

  • Lifeboat Capacity: 6 persons
    Suitable Ships: Small pleasure craft, fishing vessels, or small workboats.

  • Lifeboat Capacity: 16 persons
    Suitable Ships: Small to medium-sized yachts, fishing vessels, or small commercial boats.

  • Lifeboat Capacity: 25 persons
    Suitable Ships: Small passenger ferries, coastal cargo ships, or medium-sized offshore supply vessels.

  • Lifeboat Capacity: 50 persons
    Suitable Ships: Medium-sized passenger ferries, larger offshore supply vessels, medium-sized cargo ships, or small cruise ships.

  • Lifeboat Capacity: 100 persons
    Suitable Ships: Large passenger ferries, cruise ships, container ships, or offshore drilling rigs.

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