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A 36P enclosed lifeboat is a fully enclosed vessel designed to provide safety and shelter for up to 36 persons during emergencies at sea. This robustly constructed and well-equipped enclosed lifeboat serves as a reliable evacuation and survival solution for offshore platforms, making it an ideal choice as an oil rig lifeboat.

  • Accommodates up to 36 persons for safe evacuation at sea.
  • Provides a secure and protected environment during emergencies.
  • Constructed with durable materials for strength and buoyancy.
  • Specifically designed for offshore platforms as a crucial life-saving vessel.
  • Meets rigorous testing and certification to comply with international safety standards.
  • Maintains buoyancy in challenging maritime conditions.

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Enclosed Lifeboat For 36 Persons – Offshore Platform Lifeboat

The 36P enclosed lifeboat is a type of emergency boat that provides a secure and protected environment, shielding occupants from the elements and potential hazards. As an offshore platform lifeboat, it is constructed using durable materials such as fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) or other composite materials, ensuring strength, buoyancy, and safety during evacuation and rescue operations. The offshore platform lifeboat undergoes rigorous testing and certification to meet international safety standards, making it a crucial component of maritime safety protocols.

The Versatile 36-Person Enclosed Lifeboat for Oil Rigs

The 36-person enclosed lifeboat stands out as the preferred choice across offshore platforms due to its versatile nature and broad applicability. Its exceptional reputation primarily stems from its remarkable effectiveness as an oil rig lifeboat, making it the popular and trusted option among industry professionals. A 36-person enclosed lifeboat can be used as an oil rig lifeboat for several reasons:

  • Accommodation Capacity: The 36-person capacity of the oil rig lifeboat allows it to accommodate many people from the oil rig platform. This capacity is suitable for many offshore installations, considering the typical crew sizes on oil rigs.
  • Efficient Evacuation: The size of this emergency boat enables a relatively large number of individuals to be evacuated from the platform in a single trip. This efficiency is crucial during emergency situations where a rapid and orderly evacuation is necessary.
  • Space Constraints: Offshore platforms often have limited space available for lifeboat storage and launching systems. The dimensions of a 36-person oil rig lifeboat are generally manageable and can be accommodated in the designated areas on the platform.
  • Familiarity and Training: Many offshore platform personnel are familiar with and trained in the operation and procedures of 36-person oil rig lifeboats. Standardizing the use of these lifeboats across different platforms enhances crew familiarity and promotes efficient evacuations during emergencies.

The Different Types Of 36P Enclosed Lifeboat

The common type this emergency boat features a fully enclosed structure with a closed deck, roof, and sides, providing occupants with protection from the elements and potential hazards. It is designed to ensure stability, buoyancy, and safety during evacuation and rescue operations.

The fire-protection type 36P lifeboat, in addition to the features of the common type, incorporates additional fire-resistant materials and systems. FRP is commonly used in the construction of fire-protection lifeboats due to its high strength, durability, and resistance to fire. It is a lightweight material that offers good structural integrity and can withstand the harsh marine environment.

In addition to the material itself, fire-protection type 36P marine lifeboats also incorporate fire-resistant coatings, insulation, or other fire-suppression systems to enhance their fire safety capabilities.

The Basic Information Of 36P Offshore Platform Lifeboat

Product Name36P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat
Main Dimensions6.50*2.32*1.15
No. of persons36P (lifeboat)/ 6P (rescue boat)
No-load Weight2845/3160
Full-load Weight5815/6130
Release Mechanism SWL80
Tank Capacity190
Max. towing force3.0
Engine Type380j-3
Hull MaterialFire-retardant G.F.R Plastic
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