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Marine Life Raft

A marine liferaft, also known as a life raft, is an inflatable device designed to provide emergency shelter and flotation for people in distress at sea. It serves as a critical life-saving appliance on ships and vessels, ensuring the safety of crew members and passengers during maritime emergencies. Marine liferafts are constructed using durable materials and equipped with various features to enhance survival and facilitate rescue. They typically include buoyancy chambers, a canopy for protection against the elements, and provisions for boarding and securing occupants. Liferafts can be categorized based on their capacity, deployment method (such as throw-overboard or davit-launched), and specific features like self-righting capabilities or inflatable floors. Compliance with international regulations, such as SOLAS and LSA Code, ensures that marine liferafts meet stringent safety standards and undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure their reliability in critical situations.

Type Of Marine Life Raft

In the realm of maritime safety, marine life rafts play a crucial role as vital refuges at sea. With various types available, from throw-overboard to davit-launched rafts, they provide essential shelter and flotation, ensuring the safety of those in distress.

Throw-overboard Life Raft

These life rafts are designed to be manually thrown overboard from the deck of a vessel during an emergency. They are typically stored in a cradle or container and rely on hydrostatic release mechanisms to automatically inflate upon contact with water.

Davit-launched Life Raft

Davit-launched life rafts are stored in special cradles on deck and are launched using mechanical davit systems. These rafts are deployed by lowering them into the water using davit arms, providing a controlled and safer launch.

Inflatable life raft

Inflatable life rafts are lightweight and compact when stored, and they rely on inflation to provide buoyancy. They can be either manually inflated or automatically inflated using CO2 cylinders upon deployment.

Open Reversible Life Raft

Open reversible life rafts are designed to be boarded from either side, allowing occupants to enter from the water or the deck of a vessel. They offer increased accessibility and flexibility in rescue situations.

Self-righting Life Raft

Self-righting life rafts are specifically designed to automatically turn upright in the water if they capsize during deployment. This feature ensures that the raft remains stable and upright, providing a more secure and safe environment for occupants.

Choosing the Right Marine Life Raft for Your Ship's Safety

The suitable use of different types of marine life rafts can vary based on the type of ship and its specific requirements. Here are some general guidelines for the suitable use of marine life rafts based on their types:

  • Throw-overboard life raft: These rafts are commonly used on smaller vessels, such as recreational boats, yachts, and fishing vessels. They are suitable for ships where manual deployment and quick access to the life raft from the deck is feasible.

  • Davit-launched life raft: Davit-launched rafts are typically found on larger commercial vessels, including cargo ships, passenger ferries, and offshore platforms. These rafts require mechanical davit systems for deployment, making them ideal for vessels with dedicated launching and recovery mechanisms.

  • Inflatable life raft: Inflatable life rafts are versatile and can be suitable for various ship types. They are commonly used on both small and large vessels, including commercial ships, offshore installations, and recreational boats. The capacity and size of the inflatable life raft should be selected based on the specific ship’s requirements and the number of occupants it needs to accommodate.

  • Open reversible life raft: Open reversible rafts can be used on different types of ships, providing flexibility for boarding from either the water or the deck. They are often utilized on vessels where multiple boarding options may be necessary or in situations where rescue operations involve different access points.

  • Self-righting life raft: Self-righting rafts are typically recommended for ships operating in rough sea conditions or in areas prone to capsize risks. They are commonly used on offshore vessels, fishing boats, and ships operating in harsh weather conditions.

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