Self-righting Throw Over Board Inflatable Life Raft


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The self-righting throw overboard inflatable life raft is a specialized emergency raft designed for maritime use. It is specifically designed to automatically right itself in the correct upright position when deployed in the water, even if it capsizes during the launching process.

  • Self-inflating life raft swiftly accommodates 10-35 occupants, providing immediate flotation.
  • Enhanced visibility with lights, reflective tape, and distress signaling devices.
  • Quick deployment and efficient rescue operations supported by release line and towing point.
  • Stability ensured with handholds, while paddles allow for manual propulsion.
  • Safety features include tools, provisions, and instructions for survival.
  • Increases survival chances and aids communication during emergencies.

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YZF-SR-10, YZF-SR-15, YZF-SR-20, YZF-SR-25, YZF-SR-30, YZF-SR-35




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Throw Overboard Inflatable Life Raft –  Self Inflating Life Raft

Self-righting throw Overboard inflatable life raft is equipped with a self-righting mechanism that ensures it flips over to the correct position when it hits the water, even if it initially lands upside down or sideways.

A self-righting inflatable life raft is a type of self inflating life raft that offers enhanced safety and functionality during emergencies. This self inflating life raft is designed to automatically inflate when it comes into contact with water, eliminating the need for manual inflation. Upon being thrown overboard, the life raft’s inflation mechanism is activated, rapidly filling the raft with air and allowing it to reach its full size and buoyancy.

Self Inflating Life Raft Capacity

self righting throw over board inflatable life raft

The self inflating life raft, designed to accommodate 10-35 occupants, offers essential features for survival. Upon contact with water, this self-inflating life raft swiftly inflates, providing immediate flotation. Equipped with external and internal lights powered by a dry cell battery, it ensures visibility in low-light conditions. SLOAS-approved self-reflecting tape enhances its visibility. The release line enables quick deployment, while the towing point aids in efficient rescue operations. External and internal handholds ensure stability, and two paddles allow for manual propulsion. Safety features include a knife, drogue, sponge, and bailer. A repair kit, pump, fishing kit, and waterproof bags are provided. Distress signaling is facilitated by hand flares, parachute flares, a signaling mirror, and a whistle. The self inflating life raft includes a waterproof hand torch, batteries, and spare bulbs. A graduate drinking cup, water allocation, sea sickness tablets, and an instruction manual complete the package. With these provisions, the self-inflating life raft enhances survival chances and aids in communication during emergency situations.

The Using Environment Of The Inflatable Life Raft

The Inflatable Life Raft is utilized exclusively as an emergency raft due to its inherent capabilities of self-righting and self-inflation.

  • Vessel Capsizing: If a vessel capsizes, the self-righting capability of the emergency raft ensures that it flips over to the correct position, allowing occupants to board and await rescue.
  • Sinking Ship: In the event of a ship sinking, the emergency raft can be thrown overboard and inflated to provide a safe and buoyant platform for survivors to evacuate the sinking vessel.
  • Fire on Board: If a fire breaks out on a ship, it may become necessary to abandon the vessel. The self inflating life raft offers a means of escape and survival for the crew and passengers.
  • Collisions or Structural Damage: If a ship collides with another vessel or experiences significant structural damage, rendering it unsafe to remain on board, the emergency raft can be deployed to ensure the safety of those on board.
  • Abandon Ship Orders: In situations where the captain or authorities issue an “abandon ship” order due to a severe emergency or threat, the self-righting throw-overboard life raft provides a reliable means of evacuation and survival.

Throw Overboard Inflatable Life Raft Parameter

Carrying Capacity10P15P20P25P30P35P
Principal Dimensions
(CO2+N2)*2/Weight of gas(1900g+100g)*2(2900g+150g)*2(3800g+190g)*2(4750g+240g)*2(5740g+290g)*2(6380g+320g)*2
Towing force in 2KN/3KN441N/1176N706N/1470N755N/1627N833N/1696N882N/1774N980N/1941N
Material Of ContainerG.R.PG.R.PG.R.PG.R.PG.R.PG.R.P
Specifications of container
Max. Storage Height/m18/3018/3018/3018/3018/3018/30
Total Weight/kg≤104/108≤130/135≤158/163≤192/198≤216/223≤244/252
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