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Our yacht life raft is the perfect safety companion for small yachts measuring less than 24m in length. Designed to meet the ISO 9650-1 standard for small craft, this boat life raft guarantees exceptional reliability and performance.

  • Provides secure refuge during emergencies.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy handling and storage.
  • Conveniently stowed on deck or in compartments.
  • Accommodates required occupants.
  • Equipped with essential safety features for swift deployment.
  • Includes emergency rations, fresh water supplies, first aid kit, signaling devices, and rescue/survival equipment.

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Boat Life Raft – Life Rafts For Yachts

In the event of an emergency, the yacht life raft provides a secure and stable refuge for everyone on board. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to handle and store, ensuring it is readily available when needed.

With a maximum storage height of 6m, this boat life raft can be conveniently stowed on deck or in designated storage compartments. Its compact nature doesn’t compromise its functionality or capacity to accommodate the required number of occupants.

The life rafts for yachts are equipped with essential safety features including buoyancy chambers, automatic inflation mechanisms, and a reliable hydrostatic release unit. These features enable the boat life raft to inflate and deploy swiftly upon contact with water, ensuring a rapid response to emergency situations.

Yacht Life Raft Capacity

As a kind of life raft for boat, the yacht life raft capacity is smaller than other marine life rafts. Yacht life rafts are available in various capacities, including 4, 6, 8, and 12 persons, and are well-equipped to handle emergencies on yachts and small boats.

The choice between a 4 person raft, 6 person raft, or 8 person raft depends on several factors, including the number of individuals on board, the size of the vessel, and the intended use. Here’s a breakdown of when to consider each capacity:

The 4 person raft is ideal for smaller crews or groups, providing sufficient space and provisions for emergencies. It is designed to accommodate up to four individuals and is well-suited for yachts with limited occupancy or when weight and space restrictions apply. Despite the 4 person raft’s compact size, it offers reliable inflation mechanisms, sturdy construction, and essential safety equipment.

The 6 person raft offers increased capacity and provisions compared to the 4 person raft, making it suitable for yachts with a slightly larger crew or additional passengers. The 6 person raft provides more space, stability, and comfort, ensuring the well-being of up to six occupants. This option often includes reinforced buoyancy chambers, improved visibility features, and additional storage pockets for essential supplies.

The 8 person raft is designed for larger yachts with a larger crew or when more passengers are expected. It offers ample space, provisions, and stability to accommodate up to eight individuals during emergencies. This capacity is recommended for vessels that regularly carry a larger crew or for longer voyages. The 8 person raft may feature reinforced construction, enhanced visibility through reflective elements, and advanced inflation systems for rapid deployment.

Survival Equipment Of Yachting Life Raft – Boat Life Raft Accessories

  • Emergency Rations: The yacht life raft is stocked with compact and calorie-dense emergency rations specifically designed to sustain individuals during extended periods at sea. These rations are carefully selected to provide a balanced and nourishing diet.
  • Fresh Water Supplies For yacht life raft: Adequate fresh water supplies are included to help prevent dehydration and provide hydration for the occupants. The water containers are designed to be safe and easily accessible, ensuring a sufficient water source until rescue arrives.
  • First Aid Kit: The boat life raft is equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit that includes essential medical supplies and equipment. It is designed to handle common injuries or ailments that may occur during emergencies, allowing for basic medical care until professional assistance is available.
  • Signaling Devices: The boat life raft is equipped with signaling devices to attract attention and alert potential rescuers to the presence of occupants. This may include SOLAS-approved flares, whistles, and other visual or auditory signaling devices to enhance the chances of being spotted and rescued.
  • Rescue and Survival Equipment: Depending on the model, the boat life raft may also include additional survival equipment such as sea anchors, paddles, rescue quoits, and thermal protective aids. These items can aid in navigation, stability, and protection against exposure to the elements.

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