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26P Totally Enclosed Lifeboats,  as emergency boats on ships, are specially designed boats that can accommodate up to 26 persons. The enclosed lifeboat features a closed deck, roof, and sides, creating a protective barrier that shields occupants from adverse weather conditions, waves, and potential hazards.

  • Watertight and self-righting construction for stability and buoyancy.
  • Equipped with safety features and emergency equipment for evacuation and rescue.
  • Provides shelter and protection from the elements.
  • Better insulation against water ingress, improving survival and safety.
  • Serves as an emergency boat on ships.
  • Maintains stability and buoyancy in challenging conditions.
  • Facilitates efficient evacuation of ship occupants.

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Enclosed Lifeboat For Sale – Emergency Boats On Ships

As the emergency boats on ships, the 26P enclosed lifeboat is constructed to be watertight and self-righting, ensuring its stability and buoyancy even in challenging maritime environments. It is equipped with safety features such as seating, safety harnesses, and emergency equipment to support the occupants during evacuation and rescue operations.

The fully enclosed design of the ship lifeboat offers several advantages. It provides shelter from rain, wind, and waves, helping to prevent hypothermia and exposure to the elements. The enclosed lifeboat design also ensures better insulation against water ingress, increasing the chances of survival and improving the overall safety of the occupants.

Two Types Of 26P Enclosed Lifeboat

There are two types of enclosed lifeboats:

Fire-Resistant Enclosed Lifeboat for Oil Tanker and Offshore Platform: This type of ship lifeboat is specifically designed for high-risk environments, such as oil tankers, offshore platforms, and projects involving the transportation of natural gas or chemicals. It incorporates fire-resistant features to enhance safety. Key features include:

  • a. Sprinkler System: The fire-resistant lifeboat is equipped with a sprinkler system that helps in controlling and extinguishing fires. The sprinkler system activates in case of fire, releasing water to suppress the flames and prevent the spread of fire.
  • b. Air Supply System: The enclosed lifeboat is equipped with an air supply system that ensures a sufficient and continuous supply of breathable air for the occupants. This is crucial during emergency situations to maintain a safe and breathable environment inside the lifeboat.

Enclosed Lifeboat with Rescue Boat Function: This type of ship lifeboat not only serves as a lifeboat but also includes a rescue boat function. It is designed to perform dual roles, providing both evacuation and rescue capabilities. Key features include:

  • a. Evacuation Function: The ship lifeboat serves as a means of evacuation during emergencies, allowing occupants to escape from the main vessel or offshore platform.
  • b. Rescue Boat Function: In addition to evacuation, this enclosed lifeboat is equipped with features that enable it to function as a rescue boat. It can be used for search and rescue operations, assisting in the retrieval of individuals in distress.

26P Enclosed Lifeboat Interior

The interior of a 26-person enclosed lifeboat is designed to provide a secure and comfortable environment for the occupants during emergency situations. Some key features of the enclosed lifeboat interior include:

  • Seating Arrangements: The enclosed lifeboat interior will have fixed or foldable seats positioned in rows or benches to accommodate the occupants. The seats are often cushioned and equipped with safety belts or harnesses to ensure that individuals remain securely seated during the evacuation.
  • Safety Equipment Storage: The interior of the enclosed lifeboat will have designated storage compartments or racks for storing essential safety equipment. This may include life jackets, lifebuoys, emergency flares, first aid kits, and other necessary items. These storage areas are typically easily accessible to ensure quick retrieval of safety equipment.
  • Lighting: Adequate lighting is installed throughout the interior to ensure visibility during emergencies or when operating the ship lifeboat at night. The lighting may consist of overhead lights or emergency battery-powered lights to provide illumination even in the event of a power failure.
  • Ventilation: The enclosed lifeboat is designed with ventilation systems to maintain a fresh air supply within the interior. This helps prevent the buildup of heat, humidity, or fumes and ensures a comfortable environment for the occupants, especially during extended periods of confinement.
  • Communication and Navigation Equipment: The enclosed lifeboat interior will be equipped with communication and navigation devices to enable contact with rescue personnel or nearby ships. These may include a radio transceiver, distress signals, compass, and other relevant equipment necessary for communication and determining the ship lifeboat’s position.

Enclosed Lifeboat Parameter – 26P Lifeboat

Product Name26P Totally Enclosed Lifeboat
Main Dimensions5.00*2.20*1.20m
No. of persons26P(lifeboat)/ 6P(rescue boat)
No-load Weight2110/2405
Full Load Weight4255/4550
Release Mechanism SWL80
Tank Capacity190
Max. towing force2.6
Engine Type380J-3
Hull MaterialFire-retardant G.F.R Plastic
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