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A 15P Fast Rescue Boat, also known as a fast rescue craft, is a high-speed life saving boat designed for rapid response and rescue operations at sea. With a capacity of up to 15 persons, the rescue boat combines agility and quick maneuverability to swiftly reach and assist individuals in distress.

  • Water Jet Propulsion/Outboard Engine for propulsion.
  • Durable GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) hull construction.
  • Compliance with IMO/SOLAS, LSA Code, and USCG regulations.
  • Designed for frequent use in challenging conditions with heavy-duty construction.
  • Functions as both a fast rescue boat and a workboat.
  • Equipped with safety features meeting required standards.
  • Wide operational range for swift emergency response.

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Rescue Boat For Sale – Fast Rescue Craft

Equipped with advanced navigational and safety systems, the fast rescue craft enables precise maneuvering and enhanced situational awareness during rescue operations. Additionally, it is often equipped with essential rescue equipment, including life rafts, medical supplies, and communication devices, to provide immediate assistance to those in need.

With a top speed exceeding 20 knots (approximately 23 miles per hour), the rescue boat ensures swift and efficient transportation to distressed areas at sea. Designed to accommodate up to 15 persons, this fast rescue craft combines speed and maneuverability to reach the scene of an incident quickly. Its powerful engine and streamlined hull enable it to navigate through challenging waters with ease, ensuring a rapid and effective response.

How To Choose The Model Of 15P Fast Rescue Craft

This rescue boat differentiates between two model types primarily based on their propulsion systems. The key distinction lies in the method used to generate thrust and propel the life saving boat. One is a life saving boat with an outboard engine, while the other features water jet propulsion. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of these two model types:

  • Fast Rescue Craft With Outboard Engine: An outboard engine is a self-contained propulsion unit that is typically mounted on the transom (rear) of the boat. It consists of an internal combustion engine, a gearbox, and a propeller. The engine drives the propeller, which creates thrust by pushing water backward. The boat moves forward as the propeller pushes against the water. Advantages of an outboard engine:
    • Easy installation and portability.
    • Versatility in different water conditions.
    • Good maneuverability and control.
    • Availability of a wide range of power options.

    Limitations of an outboard engine:

    • Limited suitability for shallow waters due to the presence of a submerged propeller.
    • Increased risk of damage to the propeller in debris-filled or rocky areas.
    • Potential drag and reduced efficiency in certain operating conditions.
  • Fast Rescue Craft With Water Jet Propulsion: Water jet propulsion, also known as jet drives, uses a pump system to create thrust by expelling water through a nozzle at high velocity. The water jet is typically located at the stern of the boat, and the direction of the nozzle can be adjusted to control the vessel’s movement. Advantages of water jet propulsion:
    • Enhanced maneuverability, including the ability to move laterally (sideways) and perform quick turns.
    • Safer operation in shallow waters as there are no exposed propellers.
    • Reduced risk of damage from underwater obstructions.
    • Efficient propulsion in debris-filled or rocky areas.

    Limitations of water jet propulsion:

    • Higher initial cost compared to outboard engines.
    • Slightly reduced top speed compared to equivalent power outboard engines.
    • Increased maintenance requirements for the pump system.

Parameter Of 15P Fast Rescue Craft

Product Name15P Fast Rescue Boat
(Water Jet Propulsion)
(Outboard Engine)
Main Dimensions6.00*2.40*0.87m6.00*2.40*0.87m
No. of persons15P15P
No-load Weight1675kg1290kg
Full-load Weight2913kg2528kg
Internal Floating Bodies2.204m2.204m
Release Mechanism SWL40KN40KN
Tank Capacity200L157L
Speed (3P)>20KN>20KN
Speed (15P)>8KN>8KN
Max.towing force/kn3.0KN3.0KN
Engine Type1.Type:BUKH STEYR SOLAS164JP
2.Type: 4LHA-DTP
Power: 147KW
3.Type: SY110C/SY144C
Power: 80.9/105.6KW
Hull MaterialFire-retardant G.F.R PlasticFire-retardant G.F.R Plastic
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