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A 16P Free-fall Lifeboat is a highly specialized and robust vessel designed for rapid and controlled descent from a height into the water during emergency scenarios at sea. The free fall lifeboat is specifically engineered to accommodate up to 16 persons, providing a safe and secure evacuation solution.

The free-fall launching mechanism is a distinctive feature of these lifeboats, allowing them to be released from a launching ramp or a designated area on a ship. When deployed, the lifeboat free-falls into the water, utilizing gravity to quickly and efficiently reach the surface.

  • Elegant and easy-to-deploy lifeboat design.
  • Convenient daily maintenance with platform.
  • Minimal space requirement, allowing unrestricted passage.
  • Fast escape capability during emergencies.
  • Compliance with latest IMO/SOLAS rules.

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16-Person Free Fall Lifeboat – Enclosed Lifeboat For Sale

The construction of a free-fall lifeboat with 16 people prioritizes strength, durability, and stability. It is engineered with reinforced materials and structural integrity to withstand the impact of the free-fall launch and subsequent contact with the water. The ship lifeboat is designed to self-right in case of capsizing, ensuring that it remains in an upright position for the safety of its occupants.

Inside the lifeboat, seating arrangements, safety harnesses, and other safety features are provided to secure individuals during the evacuation process. Additionally, these free-fall lifeboats are equipped with essential navigation and communication systems to facilitate coordination with rescue operations.

16P Free-fall Lifeboat Supporting Facilities

  • Launching System: A dedicated launching system or ramp is installed on the ship to facilitate the controlled the launching of free fall lifeboat. The launching system is designed to withstand the forces exerted during the launch and ensure a safe descent into the water.
  • Davit System: A davit system is used to hoist and lower the free fall lifeboat during routine maintenance, inspections, and training exercises. The davit system allows for controlled lifting and lowering of the lifeboat, ensuring its proper handling.
  • Stowage Area: A designated stowage area is provided on the vessel to store this ship lifeboat when it is not in use. The stowage area is designed to secure the lifeboat and protect it from environmental elements, ensuring its readiness for deployment.
  • Maintenance and Inspection Equipment: Supporting facilities may include equipment and tools necessary for the regular maintenance, inspection, and servicing of the ship lifeboat. This ensures that the lifeboat remains in optimal condition and is always prepared for emergency situations.
  • Training Facilities: Training facilities, such as simulated launch systems or dedicated training lifeboats, may be available to provide crew members with hands-on practice and familiarization with the operation and procedures related to the 16P Free-fall Lifeboat.

The Launching Of Free Fall Lifeboat

The launch method of a 16P Marine Free-fall Lifeboat involves a controlled release from a dedicated launching ramp or system on the ship or offshore platform. Here are the steps involved in the free-fall launch process:

  • Pre-launch Preparation: Before the launch, the 16P Free-fall Lifeboat is prepared for deployment. This includes ensuring that all occupants are properly seated and secured within the lifeboat, wearing appropriate safety gear such as life jackets and survival suits.
  • Positioning of the Lifeboat: The lifeboat is positioned at an elevated point on the ship or platform, typically near the stern. It is securely connected to the launching ramp or system, ensuring stability during the launch.
  • Release Mechanism: The release mechanism is activated to disconnect the lifeboat from the launching ramp or system. This mechanism is designed to hold the lifeboat in place until the moment of launch.
  • Free-fall Descent: Once the release mechanism is activated, the ship lifeboat begins its free-fall descent. It rapidly drops from the elevated position, following a controlled trajectory towards the water below.
  • Impact and Water Entry: As the lifeboat reaches the water surface, it makes contact with the water. The design of the lifeboat is engineered to withstand the impact forces associated with the free-fall motion. The shape and construction of the lifeboat help it enter the water safely and maintain stability.
  • Self-Righting Capability: After the water entry, the 16P Marine Free-fall Lifeboat is designed to automatically self-right if it capsizes. The self-righting feature ensures that the lifeboat returns to an upright position, providing a stable environment for the occupants.
  • Post-launch Procedures: Following the launch, the occupants or crew inside the ship lifeboat assess the situation, ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being. The lifeboat’s propulsion system can be engaged to maneuver away from the ship or platform and reach a safe distance.

The Basic Information Of 16P Free-fall Lifeboat

Product Name16P Free Fall Lifeboat
Main Dimensions4.90*2.18*0.70
No. of persons 16
No-load Weight2580*2870
Full-load Weight3900/4190
Release Mechanism SWL 32.7
Tank Capacity190
Max. towing force3.2
Engine Type380J-3
Hull MaterialFire-retardant G.F.R Plastic
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