Marine Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearing

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The Marine Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearing is a compact and lightweight solution designed for high precision and small assembling clearance. With its crossed roller arrangement, it can effectively accommodate high axial, radial, and tilting moment loads. This bearing is ideal for applications in hoisting equipment and various engineering machinery, offering reliability and performance.

  • No gear
  • Internal gear
  • External gear

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no gear, internal gear, external gear

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The Marine Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearing is available in three tooth types: no gear, internal gear, and external gear. These options provide flexibility and compatibility for various marine applications. The no gear option offers a compact and lightweight design, suitable for applications where external gears are already present. The internal gear type facilitates easy integration with gear mechanisms inside the bearing, enabling smooth and efficient rotation. The external gear variant allows for direct power transmission and precise control of rotational movement. Choose the tooth type that best suits your specific requirements for optimal performance in marine environments.

Tooth Type Of Marine Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearing

In Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearings, teeth are often incorporated on one of the rings to facilitate force transmission. The toothing is typically normalized or subjected to quenching and tempering processes. Depending on the specific application, the gears may be fully hardened or undergo single-tooth inductive hardening.

Single-tooth inductive hardening can be further categorized into two types: full tooth hardening and tooth foot (flanks and base) hardening. Full tooth hardening refers to the hardening of the entire tooth profile, ensuring enhanced durability and wear resistance. Tooth foot hardening, on the other hand, involves selectively hardening the tooth flanks and base, providing specific areas with increased hardness while maintaining flexibility in other regions.

The choice of tooth hardening method depends on the desired level of strength, load-bearing capacity, and wear resistance required for the particular application of the Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearing.

Structure Of Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearing

Structure of the Marine Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearing:

  1. Inner Ring: Provides mounting structure and connects to the equipment.
  2. Outer Ring: Surrounds the inner ring, offering support and stability.
  3. Seal: Prevents contaminants from entering the bearing.
  4. Spacer: Maintains proper spacing between rollers.
  5. Ball/Roller: Enables smooth rotation and load accommodation.

Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearing Parameter

Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearing With Internal Gear

Internal GearedBoundary Dimensions/mmBolt Hole Diameter/mmStructure Dimensions/mmGear Parameters/mmBasic Load Rating (Coa 10^4N )Weight/kg
113 • 25 • 500 • **60239875566434201849950165104M10*1536574600.510480
114 • 25 • 500 • **60239875566434201849950165104M10*1636562600.510480
113 • 28 • 800 • **922678828787223022798.5801.572106M10*1863280650.5185170
114 • 28 • 800 • **922678828787223022798.5801.572106M10*11063064650.5185170
113 • 32 • 1250 • **13901110911337116340261248125281106M10*112104488750.5321350
114 • 32 • 1250 • **13901110911337116340261248125281106M10*114103675750.5321350
113 • 32 • 1800 • **19401660911887171345331798180281108M10*1141568113750.5460500
114 • 32 • 1800 • **19401660911887171345331798180281108M10*116156899750.5460500
113 • 40 • 2800 • **297826251122910269156332797.52802.5100128M10*1182520141900.59601250
114 • 32 • 1800 • **297826251122910269156332797.52802.5100128M10*1202520127900.59601250
113 • 50 • 4500 • **472642721344636436460454497.54502.51221210M10*12241581901100.519803100
114 • 50 • 4500 • **472642721344636436460454497.54502.51221210M10*12541501671100.519803100

Single-row Crossed Roller Turntable Bearing With External Gear

Internal GearedBoundary Dimensions/mmBolt Hole Diameter/mmStructure Dimensions/mmGear Parameters/mmBasic Load Rating (Coa 10^4N )Weight/kg
111 • 25 • 500 • **60239875566434201849950165104M10*15630123600.510480
112 • 25 • 500 • **60239875566434201849950165104M10*16630120600.510480
111 • 28 • 800 • **922678828787223022798.5801.572106M10*18968118650.5185170
112 • 28 • 800 • **922678828787223022798.5801.572106M10*11097094650.5185170
111 • 32 • 1250 • **13901110911337116340261248125281106M10*1121452118750.5321350
112 • 32 • 1250 • **13901110911337116340261248125281106M10*1141456101750.5321350
111 • 40 • 2000 • **2178182511221101891483319982002100128M10*1162272139900.5686900
112 • 40 • 2000 • **2178182511221101891483319982002100128M10*1182268123900.5686900
111 • 50 • 3550 • **377633221343686341456453547.53552.5122128M10*12038801911100.515702470
112 • 50 • 3550 • **377633221343686341456453547.53552.5122128M10*12238941741100.515702470
111 • 50 • 4500 • **472642721344636436460454497.54502.51221210M10*12249402171100.519803100
112 • 50 • 3550 • **472642721344636436460454497.54502.51221210M10*12548501911100.519803100



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