Marine Four-point Contact Ball Bearing

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The Marine Single Row Four Point Contact Ball Bearing is a specialized slewing bearing commonly used in marine applications. It consists of two seat rings and boasts a compact structure and light weight. The key feature is the four-point contact between the steel balls and the arc raceway. This design allows the bearing to withstand axial force, radial force, and overturning moments simultaneously.

  • Non-Gear Type
  • External Gear Type
  • Internal Gear Type

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Outer Diameter


Ball Diameter


Main Material

42CrMo, 50Mn, C45

Rated Load




Load Ratings (Coa 10^4 N)


Product Detail

This bearing is well-suited for various construction machinery, including rotary conveyors, welding manipulators, small and medium-sized cranes, and excavators. Its robust construction enables it to handle the demanding operational requirements of these machines.

Types Of Marine Four-point Contact Ball Bearing

The Marine Four Point Contact Ball Bearing is available in three distinct structures to accommodate different application needs.

  • Non-Gear Type: This structure is ideal when external gear engagement is not required. It provides a compact and efficient solution for applications where the bearing itself does not need to drive or be driven by external gears.
  • External Gear Type: Designed with external teeth on the outer ring, this structure enables the bearing to engage with an external gear. It allows for smooth rotation and power transmission between the bearing and the gear, making it suitable for gear-driven systems.
  • Internal Gear Type: Featuring internal teeth on the inner ring, this structure allows for the bearing to mesh with an internal gear. It facilitates controlled rotation and torque transfer within the bearing assembly, making it advantageous for applications where compactness and enclosed gear engagement are desired.

The Structure Of Marine Four-point Contact Ball Bearing

The four-point contact ball bearings consist of several essential components that enable their reliable performance and versatility in various applications:

  • Inner Ring: The inner ring provides support and a mounting surface for the bearing assembly. It plays a crucial role in maintaining proper alignment and facilitating smooth rotation.
  • Outer Ring: Surrounding the inner ring, the outer ring provides stability and acts as the outer boundary of the bearing. It also serves as a mounting surface and contributes to load distribution.
  • Seal: Slewing bearings employ sealing mechanisms to prevent grease leakage and protect the bearing from contaminants such as dust, impurities, and moisture. This sealing ensures optimal functioning and extends the bearing’s lifespan.
  • Spacer: Spacers are used to maintain the precise spacing between the inner and outer rings. They contribute to the overall stability and alignment of the bearing, enabling efficient load distribution and smooth rotation.
  • Ball/Roller: The rolling elements, either balls or rollers, reduce friction and facilitate smooth rotation within the bearing. They distribute the load evenly across the bearing surfaces, ensuring efficient force transmission.

Parameter Of Four-point Contact Ball Bearing

No Gear Type Four Point Contact Ball Bearing

UngearedBoundary Dimensions/mmBolt Hole Diameter/mmStructure Dimensions/mmBasic Load Ratings (Coa 10^4 N)Weight/Kg
010 • 30 • 500 • **602398805664342018498.5501.570104M10*112975.8
010 • 40 • 800 • **9226781008787223022798.5801.590106M10*1313256
010 • 45 • 1250 • **1390111011013371163402612481252100106M10*1554420
010 • 45 • 1600 • **1740146011016871513452615981602100108M10*1702550
010 • 60 • 2000 • **2178182514421101891483319982002132128M10*112101100
010 • 60 • 2500 • **2678232514426102391563324982503132128M10*115001400
010 • 60 • 2800 • **2978262514429102691563327982803132128M10*116801600
010 • 75 • 3150 • **3376292217432863014564531483153162128M10*123802800
010 • 75 • 4500 • **47264272174463643646045449845031621210M10*134104000

External Gear Type Four Point Contact Ball Bearing

External GearDimensions/mmBolt Hole Diameter/mmStructure Dimensions/mmGear Parameters/mmBassic Load Rating (Coa 10^4N)Weight/kg
011 • 30 • 500 • **602398805664342018498.5501.570104M10*15630123600.512975.8
011 • 30 • 710 • **812608807766442418708.5711.570104M10*16852139600.5212120
012 • 30 • 630 • **732528806965642418628.5631.570104M10*1877694600.5187110
011 • 40 • 800 • **9226781008787223022798.5801.590106M10*18968118800.5313256
012 • 40 • 900 • **10227781009788223022898.5901.590106M10*1101070104800.5355240
011 • 45 • 1250 • **1390111011013371163402612481252100106M10*1121452118900.5554420
012 • 45 • 1400 • **1540126011014871313402613981402100106M10*1141610112900.5617480
011 • 45 • 1800 • **1940166011018871713452617981802100108M10*1142016141900.5793610
012 • 60 • 2800 • **2978262514429102691563327982803132128M10*12030801511200.516801600
012 • 75 • 3550 • **3776332217436863414564535483553162128M10*12238941741500.526903200
012 • 75 • 4500 • **47264272174463643646045449845031621210M10*12548501911500.534104000

Internal Gear Type Four Point Contact Ball Bearing

Internal GearBoundary Dimensions/mmBolt Hole Diameter/mmStructure Dimensions/mmGear Parameters/mmBasic Load Ratings(Coa 10^4N)Weight/Kg
013 • 30 • 500 • **602398805664342018498.5501.570104M10*1536574600.512975.8
014 • 30 • 500 • **602398805664342018498.5501.570104M10*1636662600.512975.8
013 • 40 • 800 • **9226781008787223022798.5801.590106M10*1863280800.5313256
014 • 40 • 800 • **9226781008787223022798.5801.590106M10*11063064800.5313256
013 • 40 • 1120 • **12429981001198104236221118112290106M10*11094095800.5443300
014 • 40 • 1120 • **12429981001198104236221118112290106M10*11293679800.5443300
013 • 75 • 3150 • **3376292217432863014564531483153162128M10*12028201421500.523802800
014 • 75 • 3150 • **3376292217432863014564531483153162128M10*12228161291500.523802800
013 • 75 • 4500 • **47264272174463643646045449845031621210M10*12241581901500.534104000
014 • 75 • 4500 • **47264272174463643646045449845031621210M10*12541501671500.534104000
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