Marine Self-contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA)

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The Marine Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is a crucial emergency escape breathing device often used as a firefighter breathing apparatus. It is specifically designed for situations involving dangerous gases where a portable oxygen apparatus is not accessible. This firefighter breathing apparatus is not only essential for compliance with the 1983 SOLAS amendments Chapter III Regulation 17 but also plays a vital role in various activities aboard ships.

  • Provides a self-contained supply of breathable air for safe operation in hazardous environments.
  • Ensures respiratory protection during fire suppression, rescue operations, and maintenance tasks.
  • Enhances safety and enables effective performance in the marine environment.
  • Consists of key components including a full face mask, backing, gas cylinder, medium pressure pipe assembly, high pressure connector, positive pressure air control device, and pressure relief valve assembly.
  • Full face mask protects the wearer’s face from harmful gases, smoke, and particulates.
  • Backing provides stability and secures the gas cylinder.

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Self-contained Breathing Apparatus – Marine Firefighter Breathing Apparatus

The SCBA provides a self-contained supply of breathable air, enabling firefighters, rescue personnel, and other professionals to operate safely in hazardous and oxygen-deficient environments. Its primary purpose is to ensure the wearer’s respiratory protection during fire suppression, rescue operations, equipment inspection, maintenance tasks, and related activities. By offering a self-sustained source of breathable air, the SCBA enhances safety and enables individuals to perform critical tasks effectively while onboard ships.

With its portability, reliability, and adherence to safety standards, this firefighter breathing apparatus is an indispensable emergency escape breathing device for safeguarding lives and combating emergencies in the challenging marine environment.

SCBA Gear For Marine Firefighters

The Marine Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) consists of several key components that work together to ensure the delivery of breathable air in hazardous environments. Here are the main components:

  • Full Face Mask: The SCBA is equipped with a full face mask that covers the entire face, providing a secure and airtight seal. The SCBA mask is designed to protect the wearer’s eyes, nose, and mouth from harmful gases, smoke, and particulates.
  • Backing: The backing component of the firefighter breathing apparatus serves as a support structure for the other components. It provides stability and houses the gas cylinder securely.
  • Gas Cylinder: The SCBA cylinder contains compressed air or breathable gas, which serves as the primary source of respiratory supply for the wearer. The SCBA cylinder is typically made of high-strength materials and is equipped with a valve for controlling the airflow.
  • Medium Pressure Pipe Assembly: This assembly connects the gas cylinder to the SCBA mask, allowing the compressed air to flow from the SCBA cylinder to the mask. It consists of a series of pipes, fittings, and connectors designed to ensure a consistent supply of air.
  • High Pressure Connector: The high-pressure connector is responsible for securely joining the gas cylinder to the medium pressure pipe assembly. It ensures a tight seal and prevents any leakage of the compressed air.
  • Positive Pressure Air Control Device: This device regulates the airflow and maintains a positive pressure inside the full face mask. It ensures that the SCBA mask remains free from any external contaminants and provides a continuous supply of clean air to the wearer.
  • Pressure Relief Valve Assembly: The pressure relief valve assembly is a safety feature that prevents the buildup of excessive pressure within the SCBA. It automatically releases excess pressure to maintain safe operating conditions.

Parameter Of Emergency Escape Breathing Device – SCBA

Gas CylinderCapacity6L
Working Pressure0-30Mpa
Pressure RegulatorMaximum Outflow450L/min
Output Pressure0.7±0.05Mpa
Safety Valve Opening PressureOpen in 1-1.2 MpaOpen in 1-1.2 Mpa
Sound And Light Alarm SystemAlarm Pressure5.5±0.5Mpa
Sound Level95db
Flash Frequency60 Times/min
Respiratory Resistance<980 Pa
Service Time30 min
Package Size750*500*300mm

Spare SCBA Cylinder For Firefighters

marine self contained breathing apparatus(scba)

Gas CylinderCapacity6L
Working Pressure0-30Mpa


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