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The marine portable foam extinguisher is a type of class A fire extinguisher,  designed specifically for marine environments. This foam fire extinguisher uses class A foam specially formulated to combat Class A fires, which involve ordinary combustible materials such as wood, cloth, paper, and rubber, commonly found on ships and vessels.

  • Rapidly blankets the fire with foam to cool the flames and prevent re-ignition.
  • Effectively smothers and suppresses class A fires.
  • Reduces heat and oxygen levels to achieve fire control.
  • Compact and portable design for easy deployment and maneuverability.
  • Provides reliable and efficient fire suppression capabilities.

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Marine Portable Foam Fire Extinguisher – Class A Fire Extinguisher

The foam fire extinguisher works by rapidly blanketing the fire with a layer of foam, cooling the flames and preventing their re-ignition. This class A fire extinguisher effectively smothers and suppresses the fire, reducing heat and oxygen levels to achieve fire control.

With its compact and portable design, this fire foam extinguisher allows for easy deployment and maneuverability in tight spaces on board a vessel. It is an essential component of maritime fire safety, providing reliable and efficient fire suppression capabilities.

Different With Marine Portable Dry Powder Extinguisher

The marine portable foam extinguisher and the marine portable dry powder extinguisher are distinct fire suppression tools with specific applications in marine environments.

The marine portable foam extinguisher is purpose-built for combating Class A fires, which involve ordinary combustible materials like wood, cloth, paper, and rubber typically found on ships. This foam fire extinguisher utilizes a class A foam agent to create a cohesive and insulating blanket over the fire, rapidly cooling the flames and preventing re-ignition. The class A foam effectively smothers the fire, reducing heat and oxygen levels to achieve fire control.

In contrast, the marine portable dry power extinguisher is a versatile firefighting device capable of addressing multiple fire classes. This portable extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing Class A, B, and C fires. Class A fires involve ordinary combustible materials, Class B fires involve flammable liquids, and Class C fires involve electrical equipment. This type of portable extinguisher employs a dry chemical powder that interrupts the chemical reaction of the fire and suffocates the flames, effectively suppressing the fire’s progression.

How Is Foam Proportioned In Most Portable Extinguishers?

In most portable marine foam extinguishers designed for Class A fires, foam is proportioned using an internal mixing system. This class A fire extinguisher typically utilizes an air-aspirating nozzle or a venturi system to create the foam. Here’s a general overview of how foam is proportioned in such foam fire extinguishers:

  • Water Supply: The portable foam fire extinguisher is connected to a water supply source, typically through a hose or inlet.
  • Foam Concentrate: A foam concentrate specific to Class A fires is added to the extinguisher. This concentrate is designed to mix with water to create class A foam.
  • Mixing Mechanism: Within the extinguisher, there is an internal mixing system. This system consists of an air-aspirating nozzle or a venturi system.
  • Water Flow: When the extinguisher is activated, water flows from the water supply through the internal mixing system.
  • Foam Concentrate Injection: As the water flows through the system, the class A foam concentrate is injected into the water stream.
  • Mixing and Expansion: The air-aspirating nozzle or venturi system creates turbulence and mixes the foam concentrate with the water, creating a foam solution. This solution expands and generates foam.
  • Foam Discharge: The class A foam solution is then discharged through the extinguisher’s nozzle or outlet, allowing it to be directed onto the Class A fire.

Parameter Of Marine Portable Foam Fire Extinguisher

Cylinder Working Pressure/Mpa1.21.2
Cylinder Water Test Pressure/Mpa3.243.24
Filling Radio//
Valid Injection Duration/s≥30≥40
Valid Injection Distance/m≥3.5≥4.0
Delayed Action Time/s≤5≤5
Rate of Residual Extinguishing Medium≤15%≤15%
Cylinder MaterialQ235Q235
Fire Extinguisher Rank1A/55B2A/89B
Operating Temperature-5℃~+55℃-5℃~+55℃
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