Marine Portable Dry Powder Extinguisher

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The marine portable dry powder extinguisher is a type of ABC dry chemical extinguisher. As per SOLAS regulations, vessels weighing 1,000 gross tons or more are required to carry a minimum of 5 of these essential extinguishers. Designed for versatility, this marine fire extinguisher is capable of tackling Class ABC fires, encompassing flammable liquids, wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and electrical fires. Its potent chemical powder composition swiftly suppresses flames, preventing their spread and potential devastation. By equipping ships with this marine fire extinguisher, crew members can confidently combat fires, protecting lives and preserving the integrity of the vessel.

  • Compact and portable design for convenient placement on ships.
  • Quick access during emergencies for prompt fire suppression.
  • ABC dry chemical extinguisher capable of handling various fire types, including electrical fires.
  • Comprehensive protection in diverse scenarios.

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Marine Portable Fire Extinguisher – ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher

The portable fire extinguisher is a reliable and indispensable tool in maritime fire safety. Its compact and portable design allows for convenient placement throughout the ship, ensuring quick access during emergencies. As it is an ABC dry chemical extinguisher, that can handle a wide range of fire types, including those of electrical origin, this portable fire extinguisher offers comprehensive protection in diverse scenarios. Trust in the effectiveness and compliance of the ABC dry chemical extinguisher to enhance fire safety protocols and mitigate risks at sea.

Conditions For Portable Fire Extinguisher Use In Marine Fires

The portable fire extinguisher is suitable for a range of fire conditions commonly encountered in marine environments. This ABC dry chemical extinguisher is specifically designed to address different types of fires effectively. Here are the suitable fire conditions for this extinguisher:

  • Class A Fires: The portable fire extinguisher is suitable for combating fires involving ordinary combustible materials such as wood, cloth, paper, and rubber. It can quickly suppress flames and prevent their spread in these scenarios.
  • Class B Fires: This marine fire extinguisher is also effective against fires caused by flammable liquids, including fuel, oil, and other hydrocarbon-based substances commonly found in marine environments. It helps to smother the flames and suppress the fire.
  • Class C Fires: As it is an ABC dry chemical extinguisher, it is suitable for electrical fires. It can safely extinguish fires involving live electrical equipment or electrical wiring, making it a crucial tool for addressing electrical hazards on board ships.
  • Mixed Fire Conditions: In marine environments, fires can involve a combination of different materials and fuel sources. The versatility of the ABC dry chemical extinguisher allows it to handle mixed fire conditions effectively, providing reliable fire suppression capabilities.

Where Should Portable Marine Fire Extinguishers Be Mounted?

When it comes to mounting portable marine fire extinguishers, particularly the ABC dry chemical extinguisher, it is crucial to adhere to professional guidelines and practices. Here are some recommendations for appropriate mounting locations:

  • Strategic Placement: Select mounting locations that offer optimal accessibility and ease of reach during emergency situations. Prioritize areas near exits and entrances, ensuring that crew members can swiftly access the marine fire extinguisher when necessary.
  • Engine Room: Given the heightened fire risk associated with the engine room, it is imperative to have a marine fire extinguisher mounted either within the engine room itself or in close proximity to it. This placement facilitates rapid response and helps mitigate potential engine-related fires.
  • Galley/Kitchen Area: Install a portable fire extinguisher in or near the galley or kitchen area, as these spaces are prone to cooking-related fires. This placement enables immediate access to suppress any flames that may arise during food preparation or cooking activities.
  • Living Quarters: Safeguard the living quarters by mounting a portable fire extinguisher nearby. This precaution ensures that crew members can promptly address any fire hazards that may emerge within these areas.
  • Critical Areas: Identify other critical areas on the vessel, such as battery compartments, fuel storage areas, or locations housing electrical equipment. Install appropriate marine fire extinguishers in or near these spaces to effectively combat potential fire incidents.

Marine Portable Fire Extinguisher Parameter – ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher

Cylinder Working Pressure/Mpa1.
Cylinder Water Test Pressure/Mpa3.
Filling Radio////
Valid Injection Duration/s≥8≥13≥13≥15
Valid Injection Distance/m≥3.0≥3.5≥4.0≥4.5
Delayed Action Time/s≤5≤5≤5≤5
Rate Of Residual Extinguishing Medium≤15%≤15%≤15%≤15%
Cylinder MaterialQ235Q235Q235Q235
Fire Extinguisher Rank1A/21B CE3A/89B CE3A/144B CE4A/144B CE
Operating Temperature20°C-+55°20°C-+55°20°C-+55°20°C-+55°
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