Marine Mobile AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher

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The marine mobile AFFF foam fire extinguisher is a type of mobile fire extinguisher certified to BS EN 1866 and manufactured under an ISO 9001 approved Quality System. Specifically designed for areas with a high risk of large-scale fires, this mobile unit offers a significantly greater extinguishing agent capacity compared to portable extinguishers. This marine fire extinguisher‘s maneuverability allows for easy operation by a single person.

  • Forms a thick, insulating foam blanket to smother flames and prevent re-ignition.
  • Used in marine applications for flammable liquid fires.
  • Suitable for engine compartment fires on marine vessels.
  • Can suppress fuel spill fires and prevent their spread on water surfaces.
  • Effective on Class B fires involving hydrocarbon fuels.

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Marine Fire Equipment –  Foam Fire Extinguisher

This foam fire extinguisher is particularly effective on Class B fires involving hydrocarbon fuels such as oil, petroleum, and aviation fuel. It delivers a fast knockdown capability, making it ideal for situations where swift fire suppression is crucial. The AFFF foam used in this marine fire extinguisher is compatible with all dry powders and possesses excellent wetting characteristics, making it suitable for combating Class A fires as well.

Recommended for use in diverse environments including refineries, airports, vessels, chemical plants, offshore platforms, garages, warehouses, farms, and heavy manufacturing areas, the mobile fire extinguisher provides reliable fire protection for people and property in high-risk locations.

What Is AFFF Foam?

AFFF stands for Aqueous Film Forming Foam. AFFF foam is a specialized fire suppression agent commonly used in firefighting and fire protection systems. It is designed to rapidly extinguish and control fires involving flammable liquids, particularly hydrocarbon-based fuels like oil, gasoline, and aviation fuel.

AFFF foam works by forming a thin, aqueous film on the surface of the fuel, effectively creating a barrier that separates the fuel from the oxygen in the air. This film suppresses the release of flammable vapors, cools the fuel surface, and prevents the fire from reigniting. The foam also has excellent wetting properties, allowing it to penetrate porous materials and extinguish deep-seated fires.

One of the key advantages of AFFF foam is its compatibility with various firefighting methods, including water, dry chemical powders, and other foam agents. It can be used in conjunction with these agents to enhance fire suppression effectiveness. AFFF foam is widely used in a range of applications such as industrial facilities, refineries, airports, marine vessels, and firefighting operations where there is a heightened risk of flammable liquid fires.

Using AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher in Marine Applications

Foam fire extinguisher is used for combating fires involving flammable liquids, such as oil, gasoline, diesel, and other hydrocarbons. With their versatile firefighting capabilities, foam fire extinguisher is specifically designed to suppress and extinguish flammable liquid fires effectively. By forming a thick, insulating foam blanket, they smother the flames, cool the fire’s surface, and prevent re-ignition.

Here are some situations in which you would typically use an AFFF foam fire extinguisher in marine applications:

  • Flammable liquid fire: This marine fire extinguisher is highly effective in suppressing fires caused by flammable liquids. If a fire involving fuels, oils, or other flammable liquids breaks out on a boat, ship, or any marine vessel, the mobile fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish the flames and prevent the fire from spreading.
  • Engine compartment fire: Marine vessels often have engine compartments where fuel and other flammable liquids are present. In the event of a fire in the engine compartment, an AFFF foam fire extinguisher can be used to smother the flames and prevent the fire from spreading.
  • Fuel spill fire: If a fuel spill occurs on a boat or ship and ignites, this marine fire extinguisher can be used to suppress the fire and prevent it from spreading across the surface of the water or engulfing the vessel.

Parameter Of Marine Fire Extinguisher – Foam Fire Extinguisher

TypeStored Pressure TypeStored Pressure TypeGas Cartridge TypeGas Cartridge TypeGas Cartridge Type
Capacity45 litres135 litres45 litres135 litres150 litres
ExtinguishantAFF Foam (Premix)AFF Foam (Premix)AFF Foam (Premix)AFF Foam (Premix)AFF Foam (Premix)
PropellantNitrogen (N2)Nitrogen (N2)Carbon Dioxide (CO2)Carbon Dioxide (CO2)Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Valve/Head CapBrass Valve with Pressure GaugeBrass Valve with Pressure GaugeBrass Head Cap with Safety Relief ValveBrass Head Cap with Safety Relief ValveBrass Head Cap with Safety Relief Valve
CO2 CartridgeN/AN/A1kg2kg2kg
Discharge Hose16mm*6m19mm*6m16mm*6m19mm*6m19mm*6m
Wheel Diameter/Φ300mm350mm300mm350mm350mm
Frame WorkSteel Pipe / Flat BarSteel Pipe / Flat BarSteel Pipe / Flat BarSteel Pipe / Flat BarSteel Pipe / Flat Bar
Cylinder MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteelSteel
Body Diameter/mm386552386552552
Overall Height/mm970129097012901380
Approx Empty Weight/kg4610652113118
Approx Full Weight/kg9124198250270
Working Temp. Range+ 5°C to + 60°℃+ 5°C to + 60°℃+ 5°C to + 60°℃+ 5°C to + 60°℃+ 5°C to + 60°℃
Working Pressure (20℃)12 Bar12 Bar12 Bar12 Bar12 Bar
Test Pressure21.5 Bar22.5 Bar21.5 Bar22.5 Bar22.5 Bar
Safety Valve Lift Pressure17~ 21 Bar17~ 21 Bar18~ 20 Bar18~ 20 Bar18~ 20 Bar
Approx Discharge Time105 sec160 sec105 sec160 sec180 sec
Approx Discharge Range10 ~ 12 m11 ~ 13 m10 ~ 12 m11 ~ 13 m11 ~ 13 m
Coating (Internal)High Build Epoxy Tank CoatingHigh Build Epoxy Tank CoatingHigh Build Epoxy Tank CoatingHigh Build Epoxy Tank CoatingHigh Build Epoxy Tank Coating
Paint FinishingRAL 3000 Flame Red Polyester Powder CoatingRAL 3000 Flame Red Polyester Powder CoatingRAL 3000 Flame Red Polyester Powder CoatingRAL 3000 Flame Red Polyester Powder CoatingRAL 3000 Flame Red Polyester Powder Coating
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