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The Marine Electric Mooring Capstan is a specially designed capstan powered by an electric motor, intended for efficient mooring operations. Its primary function is to wind or unwind ropes, cables, or chains that are utilized to secure vessels to docks, buoys, or other mooring points. This electric capstan is widely utilized across various marine applications, including mooring, berthing, towing, and anchor handling. While commonly found on large ships and vessels, it is also well-suited for smaller boats and other structures that require the movement or securement of heavy loads. Operators must strictly adhere to proper safety procedures during the operation of an electric mooring capstan, as the loads involved can be significant and pose potential hazards if not properly secured.

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Regular maintenance and adherence to inspection protocols are vital for ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the electric mooring capstan. Routine checks and proactive measures must be taken to identify and address any potential issues promptly. By implementing a diligent maintenance schedule, operators can detect and rectify abnormalities, thereby optimizing the capstan’s performance. Additionally, strict adherence to safety procedures, such as proper load securing and handling techniques, is of utmost importance. This mitigates the risk of accidents and injuries while enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of mooring operations. With a strong focus on safety and regular maintenance, the Marine Electric Mooring Capstan serves as a dependable and secure solution for mooring requirements in a variety of marine settings.

Ensuring Safe Installation of Electric Mooring Capstan

During the installation of the Marine Electric Mooring Capstan, it is crucial to ensure proper installation procedures are followed to guarantee optimal functionality. Additionally, certain steps should be taken to demonstrate its operational capabilities and ensure safety:

  • Cold Insulation Resistance Measurement: Before utilizing the electric capstan on a ship or onshore, it is important to measure the cold insulation resistance of both the motor and control box. This test helps identify any potential insulation issues and ensures electrical safety.
  • Automatic Control Braking Device: The electric mooring capstan should be equipped with an automatic control braking device. This device plays a critical role in safety by automatically engaging the brake function when the capstan loses power. It is essential that the braking device can withstand a load of 1.5 times the hawser load to ensure secure mooring operations.

By following proper installation procedures, conducting insulation resistance measurements, and ensuring the presence of an automatic control braking device, the Marine Electric Mooring Capstan can be safely and effectively utilized for mooring operations on ships or shores. These measures help enhance operational safety and reliability.

Key Features Of The Marine Electric Mooring Capstan

  • Capacity determined by nominal rope pull and related rope speed.
  • Warping head driven by a powerful electric motor.
  • Torque transmission gear located within the warping head for efficient power transfer.
  • Motor of marine capstan typically rated as IP56 for special working conditions.
  • Planetary gear box commonly applied to capstans for optimized performance.

Marine Electric Mooring Capstan Parameter

Warping Load/KnWarping Speed(m/min)Wire Diameter/mmMotor Power/Kw



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