Marine Discharge Hose With Sandwich Flange

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The Marine Discharge Hose with Sandwich Flange is a purpose-built discharge hose designed specifically for marine applications. It features a lining, reinforcing plies, outer cover, and sandwich flanges at both ends. Constructed with natural rubber, textile materials, and Q235 or Q345 steel, this hose offers durability and reliable performance in marine discharge operations.

  • Excellent wear resistance for durability in marine environments.
  • Superior bending performance for flexibility in tight spaces.
  • Unobstructed flow of materials for efficient operation.
  • Good extensibility to adapt to changing conditions without damage.

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Working Pressure

up to 2.0 MPa

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Features Of Marine Discharge Hose With Sandwich Flange

The Marine Discharge Hose with Sandwich Flange offers a range of features that make it a preferred choice for marine applications. Here are the key features of this discharge hose:

  • Excellent Wear Resistance: The hose is constructed with materials that provide exceptional wear resistance. This ensures its durability and longevity, even when conveying abrasive materials commonly encountered in marine environments. The hose’s wear resistance helps maintain its performance and reliability over extended periods of use.
  • Enhanced Bending Performance: Compared to the steel nipple type with the same bore size and length, the Marine Discharge Hose with Sandwich Flange exhibits superior bending performance. It can withstand bending at a certain angle without obstruction, allowing for flexible installation and operation in tight spaces. This feature enables easier maneuverability and adaptability to various working conditions.
  • Unobstructed Flow under Working Conditions: The hose maintains a smooth internal passage, even when bent, ensuring unobstructed flow of materials during operation. This feature is particularly important for efficient material transfer, as it minimizes flow restrictions and pressure losses. The unobstructed flow helps optimize the performance and productivity of marine discharge operations.
  • Good Extensibility: The Marine Discharge Hose with Sandwich Flange demonstrates good extensibility, meaning it can expand and contract without compromising its structural integrity. This feature allows the hose to accommodate dynamic conditions, such as changes in water levels or vessel movements, without causing damage or leakage. The hose’s ability to adapt to varying conditions enhances its reliability and performance in marine applications.


Applications Of Marine Discharge Hose With Sandwich Flange

The Marine Discharge Hose with Sandwich Flange serves a wide range of applications in marine environments. Here are some key areas where this hose finds utility:

  • Dredging Operations: The Marine Discharge Hose with Sandwich Flange is commonly used in dredging projects for efficient sediment and debris removal. It facilitates the smooth flow of dredged materials from the dredger to the designated discharge area.
  • Offshore Mining: When extracting minerals or resources from the seabed, the Marine Discharge Hose with Sandwich Flange is employed to transport the extracted materials to the surface or onto barges for further processing. Its durability and reliability ensure effective material handling in offshore mining operations.
  • Harbor and Port Operations: In harbor and port facilities, the Marine Discharge Hose with Sandwich Flange plays a crucial role in conveying various materials such as sand, gravel, and other bulk commodities. It enables efficient loading and unloading of vessels, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime.
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