KYDB304 Type Marine Oil Centrifuge

About product

The KYDB304 Type Marine Oil Centrifuge is a high-speed centrifuge designed for both offshore and terrestrial applications. Its primary function is to remove water and solid particles, commonly referred to as sludge, from mineral oil. The centrifuge operates at high speeds to effectively separate the impurities from the oil. Clean oil is discharged continuously, ensuring a consistent supply of purified oil for various applications. On the other hand, the dirty residue, containing the separated water and solid particles, is discharged intermittently. This intermittent discharge allows for efficient removal of the accumulated sludge, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the equipment.

  • processing light oil: 1.5-5.5est/40℃
  • diesel oil: 13cst/40℃
  • heavy fuel oil: 30-380CST/50℃
  • diesel engine or turbine lubricating oil

Additional information

Maximum permissible speed

9100 RPM

Discharge interval

2-60 minutes

Material temperature

0 ° C – +100 ° C

Ambient temperature

+5 ° C – +55 ° C

Maximum permissible density of liquid


Product Detail

The KYDB304 Type Marine Oil Centrifuge is a versatile equipment designed to handle various types of lubricating oil and low-viscosity fuel oil. It is capable of processing light oil with a viscosity range of 1.5-5.5est/40℃, marine diesel oil with a viscosity of 13cst/40℃, and intermediate to heavy fuel oil with a viscosity range of 30-380CST/50℃. It can also handle diesel engine or turbine lubricating oil.

The separator serves dual purposes as both a purifier and a clarifying machine. When used as a purifier, it continuously removes separated water from the oil and discharges it separately. This ensures the continuous purification of the oil, particularly when higher water content is present. However, in cases where the oil contains only a small amount of water, the separator can be used solely as a clarifying machine. In such instances, both the water and warning signals are discharged intermittently, optimizing the separation process based on the specific requirements of the oil being processed.

Marine Oil Centrifuge Drawing – KYDB304 Type

The Marine Oil Centrifuge consists of several main components that contribute to its operation and functionality. Here are the main components along with their corresponding inlet and outlet points:

kydb304 type marine oil centrifuge kydb304 type marine oil centrifuge

A) Motor: Provides power for the centrifuge’s operation.
B) Vertical Shaft: Connects the motor to the separation cylinder, transferring rotational motion.
C) Separation Cylinder: Where oil, water, and sludge separation occurs.
D) Flat Belt: Transmits power from the motor to the vertical shaft, enabling cylinder rotation.
E) Closing Water Tank: Contains water for sealing and maintaining separation efficiency.

Inlet and Outlet Points:
201) Oil Inlet: Entry point for oil to be processed.
220) Oil Outlet: Discharges clean, separated oil.
221, 222) Water/Sludge Outlet: Discharges separated water and sludge.
372) Opening Water Inlet: Inlet for water used to open and flush the separation cylinder.
373) Separation Cylinder Closing Water: Inlet for water used to seal and close the separation cylinder.
377) Overflow Port: Discharges excess fluid if the cylinder becomes overloaded.
462) Discharge Port: Used for specific component or material discharge.
463) Discharge Port: Another port for specific component or material discharge.

KYDB304 Type Marine Oil Centrifuge Parameter

Maximum densityFeed density1100 kg/m³
Precipitate2332 kg/m³
Power dissipationIdle0.9KW
Operation (maximum capacity)2.0KW
Synchronous separator cylinder speed9100/900050Hz/60Hz (RPM/min)
Speed of synchronous machine3000/360050Hz/60Hz (RPM/min)
Transmission ratio130:41 (50Hz)-
106:41 (60Hz)-
Start-up time3.5 - 4.5 min-
Stop timeDo not use brakes to slow down17 minutes on average
Use brakeMinimum 3 minutes, maximum 4 minutes
Maximum running time without trafficEmpty separator cylinder180 min
Filled separator cylinder180 min
Total volume/effective volume of sludge chamber1.0/0.3 L-
Separator liquid volume2.0 L-
Maximum inner diameter of separator cylinder215mm-
Fixed discharge volume1.2±0.1 L-
Lubricating oil volume0.5 L-
Sound pressure level75 dB (A)-
Acoustic power8.9 Bel (A)-
Vibration levelNew separatorMax. 4.6mm/ SEC
Separator in useMax. 8mm/ SEC
WeightA separator without motor185kg
Electric machine21kg
Whole separator cylinder33kg
Motor power3.0KW-
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