15PPM Bilge Water Separator

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A 15PPM Bilge Water Separator, also referred to as a 15PPM oily water separator, is an advanced environmental protection product designed to adhere to the standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MEPC 107(49). The primary purpose of an oil water separator is to effectively treat bilge water by separating and reducing the oil content to a maximum of 15 parts per million (ppm) in the effluent water. This bilge water separator represents the latest high-tech solution for handling a wide range of fluid types found in bilge water, including fuel oil, high-density residual oil, emulsion mixtures, as well as substances like black ferric oxide and surfactants.

  • a capacity range from 0.25m3/h to 5.00 m3/h

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IMO MEPC.107 (49).MEPC227(64)



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Oil Water Separator  In Ship – 15PPM Bilge Water Separator

The 15PPM Bilge Water Separator is available in nine different types, offering a capacity range from 0.25m3/h to 5.00 m3/h. The compact DY-0.25 model is suitable for installation on smaller ships with a displacement tonnage (DWT) of less than 1000, while the larger DY-5.00 model can be utilized on ships exceeding 300,000 DWT. These oil water separators not only find their application in marine vessels but can also be effectively employed in industrial and petroleum sectors, showcasing their versatility and wide-ranging utility.

With its adherence to stringent environmental standards and ability to efficiently treat bilge water, the 15PPM Bilge Water Separator stands as a crucial component in safeguarding marine ecosystems and complying with regulatory requirements. Its technological advancements and flexibility make it a reliable choice for diverse marine operations and other industries requiring effective oil-water separation capabilities.

15PPM Bilge Water Separator Working Principle Drawing

  • Note: 15PPM Bilge Water Separator is the part in the dashed box

15ppm bilge water separator

15PPM Bilge Water Separator Parameter

Capacity (m³/h)
Rated Capacity (m³/h)0.25/0.310.5/0.621.0/1.251.5/1.872/2.252.5/3.123/3.754.0/5.0
Steam Heater (m²/kw)--1/301.5/4.52/602.5/7.53/904/120
15ppm Bilge Alarmincludingincludingincludingincludingincludingincludingincludingincluding
Dry Weight/Net Weight300/450600/800800/8601060/18101260/22601500/28001800/32002100/3900
Suitable For VesselsLess than 1000 DWT1000-5000 DWT5-10 KDWT10-30 KDWT30-50 KDWT50-100 KDWT100-200 KDWT100-300 KDWT

Oily Water Separator Discharge Regulations MARPOL

Under MARPOL (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships), there are specific regulations regarding the discharge of oily water from ships, including the use of oily water separators. The regulations aim to prevent pollution and protect the marine environment. The key regulations related to oily water separator discharge are found in Annex I of MARPOL. Here are some important points:

  • General Prohibition: According to MARPOL Annex I, it is prohibited to discharge any oil or oily mixtures into the sea from ships, except under certain conditions specified in the regulations.
  • Oily Water Separator: Ships are required to be equipped with an oily water separator (OWS) to separate oil from oily water mixtures on board. The OWS is designed to remove oil content from the water, allowing for the discharge of “clean” or treated water.
  • Discharge Standards: The discharge of oily water from ships is subject to strict standards. Ships must ensure that the oil content in the discharged water is below the allowed limit. As per MARPOL Annex I, the maximum oil content in the discharged water should not exceed 15 parts per million (ppm).
  • Bilge Water Management: Ships are required to implement proper bilge water management practices. This includes using the OWS to treat the bilge water and separate the oil before discharge. In some cases, ships may be allowed to discharge bilge water that has not been treated by the OWS, but only if the oil content does not exceed 15 ppm and other specific criteria are met.
  • Record-keeping: Ships are obligated to maintain accurate records of all oily water discharges, including the amount and location of discharge, as well as OWS operation and maintenance records.


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