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The throwing-type inflatable life raft is a type of emergency raft used in maritime and aviation settings. It is designed to be thrown or dropped into the water during emergency situations to provide a means of evacuation and survival for people in distress.

  • Type II Child Life Jacket: Turns an unconscious child face-up in calm waters.
  • Type III Child Life Jacket: Comfortable and mobile for recreational water activities.
  • Type V Child Life Jacket: Specialized for specific conditions, with compact and comfortable designs.
  • Equipped with whistle, rope lift, light, and loop.
  • Provides reliable and compliant life-saving protection for children.

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Kids Life Jacket – Marine Safety Equipment

With a compact package size of 500*300*120mm, this kids life jacket is easy to store and transport. It comes equipped with essential features including a whistle, rope lift, light, and loop.  The kids life jacket offers peace of mind to parents and guardians, knowing that their children are protected by a reliable and compliant life-saving appliance. Make water activities safer and more enjoyable for kids with this essential piece of marine safety equipment.

CGA Kids Life Jacket For Sale

CGA-approved kids life jacket is designed to meet specific safety standards set by the U.S. Coast Guard. By adhering to CGA standards, your child’s life jacket has gone through extensive testing to ensure its reliability and effectiveness in providing flotation and keeping your child safe during water activities.

The rigorous testing process that CGA-approved child life jacket undergo includes evaluations of buoyancy, performance, and safety features. This means that the child life jacket has been assessed for its ability to provide sufficient buoyancy to keep your child afloat and their head above water, even in emergency situations.

Types Of CGA Child Life Jacket

CGA (Coast Guard Approved) child life jackets are available in various types, each designed for specific water activities and conditions. Here are some common types of CGA child life jackets:

  • Type II Child Life Jacket: Type II child life jackets are designed to turn an unconscious child face-up in the water. They provide buoyancy and are suitable for calm, inland waters where rescue is expected to be quick. These jackets are typically less bulky and offer a good balance between flotation and mobility.
  • Type III Child Life Jacket: Type III kids life jackets are popular for recreational water activities. They offer more comfort and mobility compared to Type II jackets. These jackets are designed for use in calm or near-shore waters where rescue is expected to be prompt. Type III jackets are commonly used for boating, kayaking, and water sports.
  • Type V Child Life Jacket: Type V child life jackets are specialized jackets designed for specific activities or conditions. They require the wearer to follow specific instructions for proper use. Type V jackets include inflatable life vests, hybrid designs, and other specialized options. They are typically more compact and comfortable, offering greater freedom of movement.


Function Of Kids Life Jacket Parts

  • Whistle: The whistle is an important safety feature. It allows the child to produce a loud sound to attract attention in case of an emergency or when they need help. The whistle’s high-pitched sound can be heard from a distance, making it easier for rescuers or nearby individuals to locate the child in need.
  • Rope Lift: The rope lift, also known as a rescue handle or grab strap, is typically located on the back of the kids life jacket. Its primary function is to provide a secure grip for rescuers or caregivers to lift or pull the child out of the water. It assists in quickly and safely retrieving a child who may be in distress or unable to swim.
  • Light: Some kids life jackets are equipped with a built-in light. This light serves as a visibility enhancer, especially in low-light conditions or during nighttime activities. The light improves the child’s visibility to others, such as boaters or rescue teams, increasing the chances of being spotted and rescued quickly.
  • Loop: The loop is a small attachment point or D-ring located on the kids life jacket. Its purpose is to provide a secure place to attach additional safety equipment or accessories, such as a safety tether or a small waterproof pouch. This loop allows for customization and personalization of the kids life jacket while ensuring easy access to essential items.
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Zava Marine has recently opened new molds for European and North American clients, utilizing materials such as metal, ABS, PVC, and more. These successful mold opening projects allow us to provide customized marine parts and components that meet the specific requirements of our clients in these regions.

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