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Galvanized Steel Bar Grating finds extensive use in channels, deck walkways, machine furnace storehouses of ships, warehouse platforms, chimneys platforms, bridge platforms, and other applications. It is specially designed to meet the stringent demands of the shipbuilding industry. To ensure its suitability, marine galvanized bar grating undergoes rigorous quality checks, including careful material selection, precise processing techniques, specialized welding processes, proper packaging of edge flat steel, adherence to twisting lever specifications, meticulous fixed plate welding, and achieving the required hot-dip galvanized zinc layer thickness.

  • 25×5mm galvanized grating
  • The 32×3mm galvanized steel grating
  • 40×3mm galvanized bar grating
  • The 50×5mm galvanized grating

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Specifications Of Galvanzied Bar Grating


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Galvanized Grating For Shipbuilding

Galvanized grating for shipbuilding is carefully designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. It is constructed using corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel. Precision processing techniques ensure accurate dimensions and robust construction. Skilled welding techniques create strong joints, while package edge flat steel provides additional strength and stability. The twisting lever’s specifications are meticulously determined to handle expected loads, and fixed plate welding reinforces the structure. A crucial aspect is the hot-dip galvanized zinc layer, applied with a specific thickness to protect against corrosion. These stringent requirements ensure the galvanized grating’s durability and resistance to chemical corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, sea creature damage, and microbiological corrosion in shipbuilding’s challenging conditions.

Types of Galvanized Grating

Galvanized grating is highly valuable in marine applications due to its corrosion resistance. It offers three main types of galvanized steel gratings, including plain-style bar grating, serrated steel bar grating, and I Bar Type bar grating.

Plain-style galvanized grating features a smooth surface without serrations or raised patterns. It provides a visually appealing appearance while ensuring effective drainage. This type of grating is commonly used in areas where slip resistance is not the primary concern, such as architectural structures or decorative installations.

Serrated steel bar grating is designed with notches or serrations on its surface. These serrations greatly enhance slip resistance, making it suitable for areas where traction is crucial. The serrated steel bar grating is commonly employed in marine platforms, stair treads, and industrial flooring, where preventing slips and falls is of utmost importance.

I Bar type galvanized steel grating has a distinctive design with I-shaped bearing bars. These bars offer exceptional load-bearing capacity, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications. The I Bar design provides high strength and rigidity, making it well-suited for demanding environments such as industrial platforms, walkways, and areas with heavy traffic.

The Specifications Of Galvanized Grating

Galvanized steel grating is available in various specifications, including 25×5mm, 32×3mm, 40×3mm, 50×5mm, and more. The package edge flat steel used for wrapping typically matches the width of the bearing flat steel and has a minimum thickness of 5mm. For example, if the bearing flat steel has a thickness of 32 x 3mm, the wrapped edge flat steel would have a specification of 32 x 5mm.

  • 25×5mm: This type of galvanized grating, consisting of bearing flat steel with dimensions of 25mm (width) × 5mm (thickness), is suitable for light-duty marine applications. It can be used for walkways, smaller decks, or platforms where pedestrian traffic is expected.
  • 32×3mm: The 32×3mm galvanized steel grating, with bearing flat steel measuring 32mm (width) × 3mm (thickness), offers enhanced strength for medium-duty marine applications. It can be utilized in decks, gangways, or machinery storehouses on ships, providing reliable support under moderate loads.
  • 40×3mm: Designed for heavy-duty marine applications, the 40×3mm galvanized bar grating features bearing flat steel with dimensions of 40mm (width) × 3mm (thickness). It is suitable for larger deck areas, storage platforms, or walkways that may encounter heavier loads or equipment in marine environments.
  • 50×5mm: The 50×5mm galvanized grating, with bearing flat steel measuring 50mm (width) × 5mm (thickness), is ideal for demanding marine applications that require exceptional load-bearing capacity. It can be used in ship decks, engine rooms, or offshore platforms, providing robust support for heavy machinery and equipment.

In terms of the twisted square steel used for reinforcement in the width direction, it must have a diameter of Φ8mm. The material for the twisted square steel can be either carbon structural steel Q235A or stainless steel such as 1cr18ni9ti. These specifications ensure the structural integrity and durability of the galvanized bar grating.

Marine Galvanized Bar Grating: Welding and Galvanized Layer Requirements

Welding process requirements:

  • Each bearing flat steel and wrapped edge flat steel require two-side fillet welding, ensuring a strong connection. The welding seam should have a minimum width of 3mm.
  • The joint between each bearing flat steel and the twisted lever should be fully welded. After the production of semi-finished black pieces, it is essential to remove any splashes, welding slag, and burrs. The four corners should be polished to eliminate sharp edges, and the entire plate should be flat.

Galvanized layer requirements:

  • For bearing flat steel with a selected thickness of not less than 5mm, the average zinc layer weight after galvanizing should be not less than 610g/㎡.
  • For bearing flat steel with a selected thickness less than 5mm, the average zinc layer weight after galvanizing should be not less than 460g/㎡.
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Zava Marine has recently opened new molds for European and North American clients, utilizing materials such as metal, ABS, PVC, and more. These successful mold opening projects allow us to provide customized marine parts and components that meet the specific requirements of our clients in these regions.

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