BMT Orbital Hydraulic Motor

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Experience the pinnacle of hydraulic motor technology with our BMT Orbital Hydraulic Motor. Its advanced Geroler gear set design, combined with a robust output shaft and optimized disc distribution flow, ensures unmatched performance and versatility. Whatever your application demands, this ship motor rises to the occasion, delivering exceptional results every time.

  • Revolutionary Geroler Gear Set Redefining Excellence
  • Unyielding Strength with a Robust Output Shaft
  • Seamless Flow Optimization with Disc Distribution Mastery

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125-150 LPM

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Ship Motor Features – BMT Orbital Hydraulic Motor

Key features of the BMT Ship Motor include:

  • Advanced Geroler Gear Set: The ship motor incorporates a state-of-the-art Geroler gear set, allowing for smooth and reliable operation, high efficiency, and low-pressure startup.
  • Robust Output Shaft: Equipped with tapered roller bearings, the output shaft can withstand high axial and radial forces, making it suitable for applications that require high pressure and torque.
  • Disc Distribution Flow: The motor utilizes an innovative disc distribution flow design. This feature enables automatic compensation, ensuring optimal operating conditions, high volume efficiency, and extended service life.

BMT Orbital Hydraulic Motor Installation

When installing the BMT Orbital Hydraulic Motor, it is important to follow these guidelines:

  • Motor Inspection: Prior to installation, conduct a thorough examination of the ship motor to identify any potential damages. In cases where the motor has been stored for an extended period, it is advisable to drain and rinse the stored oil to prevent the internal moving parts of the ship motor from sticking.
  • Mounting Bracket: Ensure that the orbital hydraulic motor mounting bracket offers sufficient rigidity to withstand shock and vibration during operation.
  • Even Tightening: When securing the motor with mounting bolts, tighten them evenly to ensure proper and secure attachment.
  • Drain Pipe Connection: The BMR motor has built-in check valves. If the oil return pressure is ≤1Mpa, there is no need to connect a drain pipe. However, if the oil return pressure exceeds 1Mpa, a drain pipe must be connected as per the provided drain pipe location diagram.
  • Low-Speed Stability: If the motor exhibits instability at low speeds, apply back pressure of at least 0.2Mpa to eliminate the issue.
  • Pump Working Conditions: The ship motor should not be operated under pump working conditions, nor should it be used as a pump.
  • Surface and Flange: Ensure the installation surface is flat and determine accurate connection flange, stop, and output connection shaft sizes.
  • Concentricity: Ensure good concentricity between the output shaft and the device connected to the transmission. Prevent axial thrust of the output shaft and interlocking device during output shaft installation. Note that the BMR motor can bear a small radial force.
  • Protect Oil Sealing: During installation, protect the smoothness and parallelism of the connecting plate part of the oil inlet and outlet to prevent any damage that could lead to oil leakage.
  • Handling and Removal: Avoid hitting the screws and rear cover of the motor during installation. If tapping is required, do it on the mounting flange. Do not force or twist the motor during installation.
  • Plastic Plugs: Until the ship motor installation is fully completed, it is important to refrain from removing the plastic plugs located above the pipelines and oil pipes.

Orbital Hydraulic Motor Parameter –  BMT Series

TypeBMT 160BMT 200BMT 230BMT 250BMT 315BMT 400BMT 500BMT 630BMT 800
Geometric displacement(cm³/rev)161.1201.4232.5251.8326.3410.9523.6629.1801.8
Peak value66983895810361346.31450.31643.81618.81665
Max.pressure difference/MpaRated161616161615141210.5
Peak value282828282824211916
Max.inlet pressure/MpaRated212121212121212121
Peak value303030303030303030


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