U2 & U3 Steel Stud Link Anchor Chain

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A large steel stud link anchor chain is a heavy-duty chain specifically designed for anchoring purposes in marine environments.

It is constructed using stud link configuration, which consists of interlocking links with studs on their sides, ensuring the chain’s strength and preventing it from tangling or twisting. When selecting a large steel stud link anchor chain for ships, it is important to consider factors such as the vessel’s size, displacement, and the expected loads and conditions it will encounter. 

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Carbon alloy steel


U2 & U3



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Hot Dip Galvanized , Black Bitumen Coating

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U2 & U3 Grade Stud Link Anchor Chain – Anchor Chain For Ships

U2 Grade: U2 is a grade classification for stud link anchor chains. It represents a medium-strength chain suitable for general marine applications. U2-grade ship anchor chain is typically manufactured from mild steel and have a proof load (the maximum load the chain can withstand without permanent deformation) twice that of the chain’s minimum breaking load.

U3 Grade: U3 is a higher-grade classification for stud link anchor chains. It denotes a high-strength chain intended for more demanding marine conditions. U3-grade ship anchor chain is typically made from alloy steel and have a higher proof load compared to U2 anchor chains. The minimum breaking load of U3 chains is typically three times their proof load.

The Components Of Stud Link Chain

The stud link anchor chain consists of five critical components, each playing a crucial role in its overall functionality and reliability. These components work together seamlessly to ensure safe and efficient anchoring operations in the maritime industry. The five components are:

Kenter Shackle

u2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chainu2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chain

The Kenter shackle is a specialized connecting link used to join two lengths of stud link chain. It consists of a pair of interlocking plates with pins that securely fasten the chain together.

Type D Anchor Shackle

u2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chain u2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chain

The D-type anchor shackle is a type of connector used to secure the anchor to the end of the ship anchor chain. It has a “D” shape, with a threaded pin or bolt that can be tightened to ensure a secure connection.

Enlarged Link

u2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chain u2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chain

The enlarged link is a larger-sized component in the stud link chain, connecting the end link and swivel to a common link, providing added strength and stability.

End Link

u2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chain u2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chain

The end links, located at the terminal points of the anchor chain for ships, have a larger size or modified shape to facilitate the attachment of the anchor or connecting hardware. They serve as the anchor point for securing the chain to the vessel, ensuring a reliable and secure connection. In the case of studless end links, they are specifically designed to accept components like anchor shackles for effective anchoring operations.


u2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chain u2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chain

The swivel is typically provided as a pre-assembled unit called a swivel forerunner. The swivel forerunner assembly consists of several components arranged in the following order: common link (C), enlarged link (EL), swivel (SW), another enlarged link (EL), and end link (E).

The common link serves as the connection point for the anchor chain, while the enlarged links provide additional strength and stability. The swivel itself allows for rotation and alignment of the ship anchor chain, reducing the risk of tangling or twisting. Finally, the end link serves as the terminal link for securing the chain to the vessel.

How To Measure Anchor Chain Size? – Stud Link Chain

To accurately measure the size of a stud link chain, it is recommended to use a set of calipers for the best and most precise results. By measuring the diameter of several chain link sides and calculating the average, you can obtain a reliable measurement. However, keep in mind that older chains may have slightly deformed links due to mechanical stresses, so the measurements may not be an exact match.

large steel marine stud link anchor chain u2 u3 grade

common link:6 x Chain Diameter = Length

large steel marine stud link anchor chain u2 u3 grade

enlarged link:6.6 x Chain Diameter = Length

large steel marine stud link anchor chain u2 u3 grade

end link:6.75 x Chain Diameter = Length

The Parameter Of Stud Link Anchor Chain For Ships

u2 & u3 steel stud link anchor chain

Chain Size/mmDimensions/mmDimensions over 5 linksWeight per m/kgU2U3
ABCMin./mmMax./mmProof force/KNBreak force/KNProof force/KNBreak force/KN



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