WP Series Marine Air Compressor

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The WP Series Marine Air Compressor is a highly efficient and reliable compressor specifically designed for marine applications. It incorporates various advanced features to ensure optimal performance and durability in demanding marine environments.

One notable feature of the WP compressor is its air-cooled intercooler and aftercooler system. This design prevents overheating by efficiently dissipating heat from the compressed air, maintaining stable operating temperatures. Additionally, the compressor is equipped with a built-in moisture separator, effectively removing water and contaminants from the compressed air to ensure clean and dry output.

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WP Series


14.3-415 m/h



Product Detail

Constructed from high-quality materials such as cast iron and stainless steel, the WP compressor is built to withstand the harsh marine environment and resist corrosion. This robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, even in challenging conditions.

Ease of maintenance is another key aspect of the WP Series Marine Air Compressor. It is designed with convenient access to all key components, allowing for easy inspection, servicing, and repairs. The user-friendly control panel simplifies operation and monitoring, enhancing overall usability.

The Applications Of WP Series Marine Air Compressor

  • Starting the Main and Auxiliary Engines:
    The WP compressor provides compressed air required for engine starting. It delivers the necessary air pressure to initiate the combustion process in both the main and auxiliary engines, ensuring their reliable and efficient operation.
  • Manipulation of the Reversing Mechanism:
    The compressor controls the reversing mechanism of the vessel. It supplies compressed air to engage or disengage the reversing mechanism, allowing for smooth and precise maneuvering of the ship, particularly during navigation and docking procedures.
  • Control of Shafting Pneumatic Clutch:
    In marine propulsion systems, the WP compressor plays a vital role in controlling the pneumatic clutch of the shafting. By supplying compressed air to the clutch mechanism, it enables seamless engagement and disengagement of the clutch, facilitating efficient power transmission between the engine and the propeller.
  • Filling Pressure Tanks and Hydraulic System:
    The compressor is responsible for filling pressure tanks, which store compressed air for various pneumatic systems onboard the vessel. Additionally, it assists in maintaining the required hydraulic system pressure by supplying compressed air to the hydraulic system’s pressure oil tank, ensuring smooth operation of hydraulic equipment and systems.
  • Purging and Cleaning:
    The WP compressor supports purging operations by supplying compressed air to purge parts, pipes, and bottom valves, ensuring the removal of contaminants and maintaining system cleanliness. It also aids in cleaning the boiler flue, ensuring efficient heat transfer and optimal boiler performance.

WP Series Marine Air Compressor Parameter

The WP Series Marine Air Compressor offers two distinct variants, each designed to meet the electrical specifications commonly found in marine applications. These variants, the 50Hz, 380V, and 60Hz, 440V models, differ in terms of frequency and voltage requirements

WP Marine Air Compressor – 50Hz, 380V

ModelCapacity(m³/h)Discharge Pressure/MpaMotor Power/KWMotor Voltage/VMode Of TransmissionMode Of CoolingDimension(L*W*H)/mmWeight/kg
WP18L183.05.5380Direct CouplingAir Cooled Marine Air Compressor845*640*56466
WP25L24.53.07.5380Direct CouplingAir Cooled Marine Air Compressor870*640*63267
WP32L31.53.07.5380Direct CouplingAir Cooled Marine Air Compressor884*640*63267
WP250L2253.055380Direct CouplingAir Cooled Marine Air Compressor1617*930*1085924
WP60843.018.5380Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1322*671*1051650
WP80L803.015380Direct CouplingAir Cooled Marine Air Compressor1310*780*830330
WP100L993.020380Direct CouplingAir Cooled Marine Air Compressor1362*880*1007450
WP110913.022380Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1425*845*1370970
WP1351183.030380Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1465*840*13701000
WP1601413.030380Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1520*920*14201010
WP1851623.037380Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1520*920*14201000
WP2201913.045380Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1975*951*16391400
WP2702483.055380Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1975*850*15681400
WP3202943.063380Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1975*951*15681400
WP3703443.075380Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor212*985*15981400

WP Marine Air Compressor – 60Hz, 440V

ModelCapacity(m³/h)Discharge Pressure/MpaMotor Power/KWMotor Voltage/VMode Of TransmissionMode Of CoolingDimension(L*W*H)/mmWeight/kg
WP18L14.33.05.5440Direct CouplingAir Cooled Marine Air Compressor845*640*56466
WP25L20.03.07.5440Direct CouplingAir Cooled Marine Air Compressor870*640*63267
WP32L25.03.07.5440Direct CouplingAir Cooled Marine Air Compressor884*60*63267
WP250L1803.055440Direct CouplingAir Cooled Marine Air Compressor1617*930*1085925
WP60683.018.5440Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1282*671*1051650
WP1101103.030440Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1425*725*1458970
WP1351423.030440Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1465*725*14581000
WP1601703.037440Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1465*840*14581100
WP1851953.045440Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1465*840*14581100
WP2202303.055440Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1975*910*16381400
WP2703003.063440Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor1975*910*16381400
WP3203553.075440Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor2120*910*15981400
WP3704153.090440Direct CouplingWater Cooled Marine Air Compressor2120*910*15981400
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