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The turnbuckle is a versatile tool used for adjusting the tension in ropes. It is designed with the following specifications in mind:

Our turnbuckle is coated with a layer of hot-dip galvanization, ensuring exceptional durability and protection against corrosion.

The turnbuckle is engineered to withstand high levels of tension, with a minimum breaking load of 500 KN (kilonewtons). This robust design ensures reliable performance and safety, even when subjected to heavy loads and forces.

  • Approved by Major Classification Societies: To ensure adherence to stringent quality standards, all items undergo rigorous evaluation and testing.

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Hot-dip galvanized


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Types Of Container Lashing Turnbuckle

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Here are the descriptions of the two types of container lashing turnbuckles, followed by an explanation of the three common configurations:

  • Open Body Turnbuckle:
    Open-body turnbuckles are characterized by their visible and accessible body construction, which allows for easy adjustment and inspection. They are commonly utilized in container lashing operations. Open body turnbuckles feature hooks or jaws on each end, facilitating secure attachment to corner fittings or other securing points on the containers. These turnbuckles are available in various sizes and load capacities, providing flexibility to accommodate different cargo requirements. The open body design allows for convenient tightening or loosening of the turnbuckle, making it suitable for applications where frequent adjustments are needed.
  • Closed Body Turnbuckle:
    Closed-body turnbuckles are distinguished by their solid, enclosed body construction, providing enhanced protection against external elements and potential damage. The closed body design is particularly advantageous in demanding environments or when increased durability is necessary. Similar to open body turnbuckles, closed body turnbuckles come with hooks or jaws on each end, enabling secure connection to corner fittings or other securing points. They are available in different sizes and load capacities, allowing for customization based on specific cargo needs. The closed body construction provides added strength a
  • nd protection, making closed body turnbuckles suitable for long-term or heavy-duty applications.

Now, let’s discuss the three common configurations of container lashing turnbuckles:

  • Hook to Hook: This configuration features hooks on both ends of the turnbuckle, facilitating straightforward attachment to corner fittings or other securing points. It provides a reliable and easily adjustable connection. The hook ends can be easily engaged or disengaged, allowing for quick installation or removal of the turnbuckle.
  • Jaw to Jaw: In this configuration, both ends of the turnbuckle boast jaws that can be clamped onto corner fittings or other securing points, ensuring a secure and stable connection. Jaw to jaw turnbuckles offer additional grip and are commonly employed in heavy-duty lashing applications. The jaws provide a strong and secure hold, minimizing the risk of slippage or disengagement.
  • Hook to Jaw: This variation combines a hook at one end and a jaw at the other, offering versatility in connecting to different types of securing points. It provides the flexibility to adapt to various lashing configurations and requirements. The hook end allows for easy attachment to hook-type fittings, while the jaw end provides a clamping mechanism for engaging with jaw-type fittings. This configuration offers compatibility with different types of securing points, making it suitable for diverse lashing setups.

Application of  Turnbuckle

Heavy-duty turnbuckles serve as a versatile tool for effectively tensioning cargo within a container. Its central handle allows for easy manipulation of the turnbuckle’s arms, enabling the adjustment of tension on the line by pulling them together or apart. This feature proves invaluable in securing heavy items during transportation, effectively preventing any shifting or movement.

Utilizing a turnbuckle is a straightforward yet highly efficient process. To begin, fasten one end of the cargo line to an anchor point within the container. Then, thread the line through the turnbuckle and attach it to the opposing anchor point. By rotating the handle, the line can be tightened or loosened, thereby securely immobilizing the cargo in its designated position. This simple yet effective technique ensures the stability and integrity of the cargo throughout the transportation process.



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Zava Marine has recently opened new molds for European and North American clients, utilizing materials such as metal, ABS, PVC, and more. These successful mold opening projects allow us to provide customized marine parts and components that meet the specific requirements of our clients in these regions.

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