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A marine 5-blade propeller is a specialized type of propeller designed for ship applications. It features five curved blades that are securely attached to a central hub. Each blade has a leading edge, which is the edge closest to the ship’s hull, and a trailing edge, which is the edge farthest from the hull.

  • Optimizes ship performance through careful engineering and consideration of ship size, engine power, and operating characteristics.
  • Efficiently displaces water for forward propulsion with symmetrically shaped blades.
  • Increased thrust: Additional blades provide higher surface area, resulting in improved acceleration and performance.
  • Enhanced maneuverability: Extra blades allow for better control and responsiveness in tight spaces and maneuvers.
  • Reduced vibrations and noise: Dampens vibrations for a smoother and quieter ride.
  • Improved stability: Additional blades enhance grip on the water, reducing ventilation and slipping.
  • Advantages include increased thrust, improved maneuverability, reduced vibrations and noise, and enhanced stability.

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Blade Design Type

Kaplan, MAU, B

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Fixed/ Controllable








Container vessels, TankersBulk carriers, Dry cargo vessels, Passenger liners, Tugboat

Product Detail

The blades of a 5-blade ship propeller are carefully engineered to optimize performance, taking into account factors such as ship size, engine power, and desired operating characteristics. They are typically symmetrically shaped with curves on both the front and back sides, enabling efficient displacement of water as the propeller rotates.

As the 5-blade propeller rotates, the leading edge of each blade creates a low-pressure area that assists in pulling the ship forward. Simultaneously, the trailing edge generates high pressure, propelling a stream of water away from the propeller. This action drives the ship forward as the water is pushed to the rear, generating an equal and opposite force that propels the ship in the intended direction.

In certain cases, a 5-blade ship propeller may incorporate a cup at the trailing edge. This small curved lip enhances the propeller’s grip on the water, reducing ventilation and slipping, especially in challenging or aerated water conditions. It can also contribute to quicker acceleration and improved performance.

The  Advantage Of Marine 5 Blade Propeller

A marine 5-blade propeller offers several advantages for ship propulsion. Here are some key benefits of using a 5-blade propeller:

  • Increased thrust: The additional blades on a 5-blade propeller provide increased surface area, resulting in higher thrust generation compared to propellers with fewer blades. This increased thrust can result in improved acceleration and overall performance of the ship.
  • Enhanced maneuverability: The extra blades of a 5-blade propeller contribute to improved maneuverability. The increased surface area allows for better control and responsiveness, making it easier to navigate through tight spaces, execute precise maneuvers, and handle the ship in various operating conditions.
  • Reduced vibrations and noise: The design of a 5-blade propeller can help reduce vibrations and noise levels. The additional blades can help dampen vibrations, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride for passengers and crew. Reduced noise levels can also contribute to a quieter onboard environment.
  • Improved stability: The increased blade count of a 5-blade propeller can enhance the overall stability of the ship. The additional blades provide better grip on the water, reducing the risk of propeller ventilation (air entering the blades) and slipping. This improved stability can be particularly beneficial in rough seas or when maneuvering at low speeds.
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